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It's been 4 years since I have consciously removed processed/junk foods from my kitchen. It's also been 2 years since I've been deciphering the ingredients and nutrition information of various popular packaged foods in my blog. Many of you have written to me saying that they have stopped buying many junk foods in the past few months. Kudos to all those who have taken a positive step towards taking charge of what they eat. It is high time we take charge of our health and NOT let food corporations dictate what's good for us.

For those of you who are struggling to eliminate processed foods from your diet, here's something that might interest you.

Launching my first ever online programme "Dejunk your diet". The sole objective of this programme is to help you eliminate packaged/processed/junk foods from your diet.

Who is this programme for?
Are you someone who has been trying to eliminate packaged/processed/junk foods from your diet BUT struggling to do so?
You understand that packaged, ready-to-eat foods are not good for your health, but are unable to stop consuming them because of various constraints - lack of time, no available alternatives, addiction/habit etc.
You buy many packaged foods that are promoted as healthy (packaged oats, digestive biscuits, health drinks, green tea etc), but not sure if they are truly healthy or not.
This programme is specially designed for you. 

How does this work?
This is a 1-month long online programme. After you sign up,

Week 1
I will be sending you a questionnaire to understand your current eating habits, lifestyle, list of packaged foods that you consume regularly etc.
Once I receive your response to this questionnaire, we will set up a mutually convenient time for a Skype voice call, where we discuss and identify 3 SMART goals that will help dejunk your daily diet.

Week 2
The focus of this week will be on mindful shopping. I'll be sharing a list of healthy alternatives options to choose from, along with their recipes.

Week 3
I will be following up with you over email to see if you are stuck or need any assistance in following through your goals. 

Week 4
We will connect via Skype voice call, discuss what is going well and what isn't. I will also be sharing tips on how you can implement a *clean eating* plan for the rest of your life.

"Clean eating" in my vocabulary implies that we are not dependent on the packaged food industry for our nutritional needs and we prioritize fresh, local and traditional foods. I won't be recommending any fad diets or imported superfoods.

How much does this cost?
The 1-month programme is priced at Rs.899. Refer a friend and both of you will get a discount of 50% (Rs.449 per person)

What I offer
  • I will help you eliminate junk foods from your kitchen
  • I will be suggesting healthy alternative options and recipes
  • I will help you identify cues that trigger the consumption of junk foods and we decide on alternatives
  • I will make sure that reading labels on packaged foods becomes a habit 
  • I will be your buddy and together, we identify goals pertaining to "dejunking your diet" and I motivate you to achieve the same
What I'm NOT and what I don't offer
  • I'm NOT a doctor, nutritionist, dietitian, fitness guru/mentor/coach etc.
  • I don't offer any weight loss plans or diet charts
  • I don't give any medical advice for health conditions like diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure etc
  • I wouldn't be able to help you with ANY of the latest diet fads like Keto/Paleo/Vegan etc
  • I don't guarantee weight loss in kgs
  • I won't be able to cook healthy food for you 
  • I won't be visiting your kitchen to throw away the junk
  • I won't be shopping healthy ingredients on your behalf
How to enroll?
If you are interested to join this programme or have any further questions before you make a decision, write to me at anuradha dot sridharan at gmail dot com OR DM me on Instagram (anuradhasridharan)

Please do forward the details of this programme to your friends/family for whom this might be useful/relevant. Thanks for reading so far!


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