Since May 2020, I have started offering online workshops on a few topics that I'm most passionate about. The objective of these workshops is to empower people to make conscious food choices.

 Do email me - anuradha dot sridharan at gmail dot com or DM me on Instagram if you would like to register for the same.

Oct / Nov 2020 

 Happy healthy meals for young kids

  31st Oct (Sat) - 5-7PM IST

An early start to healthy eating is crucial for a young child to have a positive relationship with food, right eating habits and good health while growing up. As parents, this is one of the most important foundations that we can lay for our child. Through this workshop, I would like to share my perspectives, as a mother of 8-year old daughter. I will be sharing my personal experiences in the following topics:
  • Why are fussy eaters not born but made? 
  • Examples of Junk masquerading as healthy when it comes to kid-focused packaged foods
  • 13 steps to inculcating healthy eating habits in young kids 
  • Ideas and tips to plan, cook and present healthy foods for happy mealtimes
Who this workshop is intended for?
  • New parents-to-be
  • Parents of children in the age bracket of 0-5 years
Disclaimer - I'm not a pediatrician or a nutritionist. The workshop is purely from my point of view as a mother who has gone through the initial stages and can understand the challenges, struggles and confusions.

Dejunk your diet
7th Nov (Sat) - 5-7PM IST
Who is this intended for?

  • Are you someone who has been trying to eliminate packaged/processed/junk foods from your diet BUT struggling to do so?
  • You understand that packaged, ready-to-eat foods are not good for your health, but are unable to stop consuming them because of various constraints - lack of time, no available alternatives, addiction/habit etc.
  • You buy many packaged foods that are promoted as healthy (packaged oats, digestive biscuits, health drinks, green tea etc), but not sure if they are truly healthy or not.
If you have stopped/reduced the consumption of packaged foods but you find convincing family members a big challenge, then do sign up your family members for this workshop.

What can you expect from this session?

  • Why removing junk from your diet is extremely important
  • What are the common obstacles we face and how to overcome them?
  • How to identify junk that is marketed as healthy

What do the participants say?

"The dejunk your diet session was very informative. I specifically learnt more on preservatives, hydrogenated oils."
- Namitha 

"The session on Happy, healthy meals for kids was informative. These 13 step approaches are very practical and I just love the meal preparation and instant snack preparation ideas."
- Sindhu


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