Jun 2, 2004

Cup Of Coffee

"Ma , I'm home !!!", entered Divya. She looked at the big clock in her living room. It was 6.35. She wondered how her office cab took an hour to travel 10 kms. The sky was orange and the birds were returning home. Divya's mom, Arundhati came out of the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee. She sat besides Divya, giving her a hug.

Divya took her first sip of coffee and felt refreshed. She asked "Mom, How do u make such refreshing coffee everyday!!! I feel active after a tiring day of work, thanks to your coffee". Arundhati felt very satisfied with her daughter's response. She smiled at Divya and asked "How was the day today, my dear?". Divya replied "It was such a hectic day, you know ma. I had to attend conference calls for 2 hours. Can you imagine !!!. Then we had this status meeting for another hour. I hardly had time to sit at my desk and do my work. When I actually got back, my friends called me for lunch. Only then I realized, it was 1 o'clock. I just grabbed some food and came back. When I started my work, I got a call from these credit card marketing guy. I got so irritated. I wonder how they caught hold of my number.Oooff !!! I did a bit of work but my deadlines are coming close. I've to go early tomorrow. Wake me up by 5. I need to take the 6 o'clock bus".

The cab driver stopped near Divya's house and called her "Ma'am !!! Your house has arrived. Could you please get down?". Divya realized that it was her usual dream. She got down and opened the door. She stood staring at her mother's photograph hung in the hall. She entered the kitchen to prepare her coffee, wiping a drop of tear from her eyes.

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