Feb 26, 2008

A rare phenomenon

My contribution to Cafe Writing - February project Options #1 and #6

Option #1 Timed writing - wrote this piece in 9 minutes and didn't edit it.
Option #6 Fiction

You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love; the running across fields into your lover’s arms can only come later when you’re sure they won’t laugh if you trip.

~Jonathan Carroll, Outside the Dog Museum

Eyes speak a thousand words
a glance depicts hundred emotions
The whole world transported elsewhere
Every wake moment in deep thoughts

outbursts of temper to dear and near
white roses look extremely colorful
vision towards a distant gaze
day dreaming a daily routine

unusual smile painted on the face
music feels so divine and pure,
catching up on sunrise
not a difficult job anymore!

memorable symptoms
worth a treasure
beginning of love
a rare phenomenon for sure!

Feb 25, 2008

Surprise gift

My contribution to Read Write Prompt - #15

Dark clouds obstructing the morning rays,
leaving behind a shade of uncertainty
"Is it really 6 o' clock?", she wondered
"Did my alarm clock ring early?"

Opening the window, she glanced,
the first drizzle of the summer
the refreshing smell of the petrichor
the croaking noise of the frogs

Eyes yet to be awakened,
she was truly hopeful
a lovely day alone at home
an escape from the drowning lectures

"Get ready soon", her mom's phrase
hardly reached her dreaming mind
Ensuring the clouds are here to stay,
not passing beauty, she rejoiced

Switching on the radio news
confirming all schools declared
a holiday, her joy knew no bounds
the blessed rain's surprise gift

Feb 22, 2008


My contribution to Sunday Scribblings - #99 Passion

Twittering moment,
excitement at its peak
hands folded in unison,
offering prayers

adrenalin pumped up
heartbeat racing fast,
Irresistible temptation
sun peeps out of the dark clouds

not moving a micro inch,
follow every minuscule action
wide open lids with full focus
eyeballs gazing hard and hopeful

a sixer zooms past
way beyond the stands,
Jumping in passion
victorious day for cricket

Feb 21, 2008

Garden of peace

My contribution to Cafe Writing February Project- Option 5 Poetry

From December to March, there are for many of
us three gardens:
the garden outdoors,
the garden of pots and bowls in the house,
and the garden of the mind’s eye.
- Katherine S. White

Immersed in beauty of nature
amidst varieties of flora
A hot cup of tea in one hand
and a fountain pen in the other
blue ink waiting to give shape to thoughts

serendipitous weather for the afternoon
seated on a wide hammock
ends tied to eucalyptus trees
standing tall, despite the cool wind
chirping cuckoos, respite from noise around

white rabbits and kittens
playing with joy in harmony
jasmine bushes spreading fragrance
blossomed red roses augmenting beauty
the proud hosts of my garden

reverberating hums of honeybees
colourful shades of butterflies
flapping wings of seasonal birds
footprints of ever active squirrels
the frequent visitors of my garden

mellifluous music of the flowing stream
Time doesn't zoom past here,
moments meant to be treasured
bringing the almighty near
My dream garden of peace

Feb 18, 2008

A wish come true!

I have never watched a movie in a cinema theater a day before any exam but I always wanted to give it a try. Exams come and go all the time but a free premiere show ticket of the much awaited movie doesn't land in one's hands everyday. This is exactly what happened to me last Friday, an opportunity to watch "Jodha Akbar". With two exams lined up on Saturday, it was a difficult yet daring choice if you ask me. I took it and now I don't regret it. Those 4-5 hours of preparation wouldn't have made any big difference to my performance, anyway.

Jodha Akbar is a superb movie for its grandeur and magnificent picturization of the forts and battlefields, the colors and wonderful costumes and ofcourse, the brilliant music by Rahman. Ash and Hrithik have portrayed their characters so well that I don't think anyone else could have fit their roles. The songs have been beautifully picturized, especially the "Marhaba" song.

For a person who managed to learn Hindi by watching movies, I couldn't follow many of the dialogues. My friends mentioned during the intermission that the sentences are of pure Urdu and Hindi words that are not so commonly used. Subtitles would have really helped to appreciate this history based movie much better. The pace of the movie, especially the first 30 minutes was very slow that I saw a few people get out of the cinema hall. The movie was very lengthy as well. Apart from these two glitches, the movie is definitely worth a watch.

Feb 12, 2008

Special companion

Now and then, I get this sudden urge to buy myself a bicycle and ride on Bangalore roads, claiming that I could save on fuel and also would help me stay fit. My experience with cycling dates back to my college days (not so long ago, mind you!). In school, I was more than happy to be a pillion driver along with my dad or my younger brother. During the long break between school and college (ah! those wonderful days), dad bought me a BSA SLR bicycle and I started to learn. Initially, my brother was helping me till I get the balance. Yeah, you are right! A 17 year old girl was being taught how to ride a bicycle by her 15 year old brother.

Once I got the hang of it, it was a dream come true. Every morning, I used to ride my vehicle to the cycle stand, park it and then take my college bus. The route I normally take was pretty straightforward, through residential streets and a road encompassing a huge playground where there is little traffic (little refers to fellow bicyclers). There were speed brakers and humps in such roads for no reason. Initially, I used to get down diligently before each and every speed braker, drag my bicycle and then start riding again. When occasionally a lorry or a big van comes from the opposite direction, I would sincerely get down and give way to those huge vehicles. My brother is my biggest critic and he used to advise me that I rather take a walk than drag my vehicle. He still doesn't think that I am capable of cycling. Those were the initial 3 months. After this testing period, it was a bliss or rather I call it a miracle. It became a second nature. Wherever I go around in my locality, my red BSA gave me a good company. She was one of my dear friends for 4 years.

When I moved to Bangalore, I had to give up my bicycle. Cycling is such an enjoyable experience which makes me want to buy one and ride to office everyday. Hope this dream comes true soon!

A snowy dream

My contribution to Cafe Writing February project - Option #3

Words to be used - astonished, conclusion, drown, gilded, hands, magnify, snow, time

a serene valley
where time stands still,
Holding hands together
we stroll towards the end
of the long winding road

the first glimpse
of the pristine white layer
a wish being fulfilled
experience worth the wait
a perfect moment with my love

astonished by the pure snow
drowned in its splendor
we stand there unfazed,
admiration with awe
the glory of the Himalayas

golden rays of the sun
slowly gilding its presence,
magnifying its grandeur
the snow clad mountains
conclusion of eternal beauty

Feb 5, 2008

Capturing the beginning

Let me capture this moment before it gets buried in the humdrums of assignment submissions, exam preparations and work deliverables. This day marks the beginning of something special, something close to my heart. As I hold the book which has my words imprinted on white sheets of paper, neatly bound and my name in the beginning of chapter 5, I realize that my writing dreams can indeed become a reality. It's not a long cherished dream. I have never given a thought about this writer's world 3 years ago. A casual blogging has given way to a curious interest, thanks to Web 2.0, blogspot, friends, fellow bloggers etc.

I always thought that the idea of imaginations expressed in words solely belong to people who have a superb command over the language, an excellent vocabulary and a perfect grammar. Blogging has changed this notion. I'm now trying to write poetry, narrate short stories, put forth my experiences and little knowledge I have gathered so far in my life to a wider audience, imagine a different world, travel across different dreams and get to know unique characters that could possibly exist somewhere in the universe. This freedom of expression is something which I treasure.

My first published writings are part of this book "Women balancing home and career" .

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