Nov 13, 2017

Master List of Analysis of packaged / junk foods

Over the past few months, I have shared my analysis of various packaged/junk/ready-to-eat foods - their ingredients, nutrition information, preservatives, false promises and health claims. Thanks for the positive response and words of encouragement.

This post is a compilation of all such previous posts put together, so it is easily accessible for anyone new to my blog. I'll keep this list updated as I write more about new product launches in the near future.

Ready-to-eat desserts and snacks:
Flavored Yoghurt (Danone, Grekyo, Epigamia)
Brown Bread
Brittania Cheese Slices and Nutella
Dr.Oetker FunFoods Veg Mayonnaise
McVities Digestive Biscuits
Kinder Joy
Lotte Choco-Pie
Oreo Cream Biscuits
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, Milk booster, Milkshake, spreads 
Bournvita Biscuits 
Britannia Treat JimJam cream biscuits 
Packaged ice-creams (Magnum, Kwality Walls Cornetto) 
Too Yumm Multigrain chips

Adults focused health foods and beverages:
Women's Horlicks
Kelloggs Special K 
Green tea 

Breakfast cereals and beverages: 
Kelloggs Chocos 
Quaker Oats Milk 

Kids focused health foods:
Pediasure and Horlicks Growth Plus
Cipla's ImmunoBoosters
Nestle Ceregrow
Nestle Ceregrow NutriPuffs

Packaged Juices:
Paper Boat Fruit Beverages
Tropicana Fruit & Vegetable Juice 
Real Mixed Fruit Juice

Easy-to-cook foods:
Saffola Masala Oats
Maggi Nutri-licious Oats Noodles
McCain Frozen Snacks 
Knorr Soups
Veeba Salad Dressings 

Kitchen Non-Essentials :
Iodised Table Salt
White Sugar
Cow's Milk
Olive Oil
Kissan Tomato Ketchup 
Saffola Aura Oil 
Pasta / Pasta Sauce 

Diabetes focused products:
Fortune Vivo Diabetes Care Oil
Aashirwaad Sugar Release Control Atta

FAQs (Added on 10th May 2018)

1. If everything is bad, then what else should I eat?
I have answered the exact question in this blog post with a list of healthy alternatives.
There are plenty of options that are healthy and tasty. A junk food free pantry and fridge is totally possible.

2. You say that we need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. But they contain pesticides too. What other options do we have?
I agree that fruits and vegetables contain pesticides. Going organic is the best option but not many can afford to make the switch. There are also trust-related concerns on how to validate whether a certain produce is organic or not. I’ll write a separate blogpost on how to make the organic switch, without burning a hole in the pocket. 

One of the most important organs of our body is the “liver”, that helps in detoxification and flushing out toxins and chemicals. If we keep our liver in good condition, then my belief is that such toxins we consume from fruits, vegetables, air and water can be eliminated to some extent. 

To maintain our liver in the best condition, my recommendation would be to stay away from alcohol. I had written a separate post on why we should say No to alcohol. Please do check it out.
There are other foods that impact our liver - refined oils, white sugar based foods, excess consumption of high carb foods like white rice, maida etc. Eliminate them as well, in order to let your liver do a good job of detoxification.


Ramesh iyengar said...

Younger Generation should read this and avoid all these. Will they!

Unknown said...

Gud analysis­čĹŹbut as a dr if we advise ppl they ll tell tat their kids r dependent on all these n getting addicted to those products.....hmmmm corporate ppl r enjoyin by killing small kids.....worst marketing oly win in this world.....

Unknown said...

Nice article

Unknown said...

Nice article

Jacob G. Thomas said...

Information from experts like you are more valuable than social media trolls which are misleading. Thank you for your efforts and your social responsibility. Hope our generation learns from this.

healer56 said...

Wonderful article to read and understand the business of corporate world where profit is only the criteria. Advertisement is the major role to play inviting kids to attract these products. A chapter on nutrition and side effects of packaged foods to be incorporated in primary classes to enable kids to understand what type of food is good for them.

Aks said...

Your analysis is an eye opener for many.. Really commendable. Looking at the rise in number of cancer patients worldwide.. Well we know the reason now.

Anuja Bhuraria said...

Useful information but now I am confused as to what we should eat!!

Latha Narasimhan said...

What about women's horlicks?

Unknown said...

Great piece of unbiased work! Rare insights to the junk we feed ourselves and kids ...and then we wonder how did one 'suddenly' get cancer!

SURESH said...

Excellent and I share this blog with your permission

Ananthan R.M. said...

Useful article. Thank you

venkat gk said...

Very nice useful essential needy information to parents. They must have nd take it seriously follow

jeyadevi rajesh said...

Got the link through a WhatsApp group and Thanks for such valuable information. This is an eye opener. Though we read through the ingredients we fail to realise the complexity and harmful effects of these stabilisers, preservatives that is present in almost all packaged foods. Thanks Anuradha. The summary of healthy alternatives you have provided is so helpful.


Thanks for thought provoking .Let us educate ourselves

deepa kannan said...

The article is proving that our South Indian breakfast n out very old traditional foods are good for health which our kids should know, for which as a parent caring for their kids health should prepare it at their home. This is my view.

deepa kannan said...

The article is proving that our South Indian breakfast n out very old traditional foods are good for health which our kids should know, for which as a parent caring for their kids health should prepare it at their home. This is my view.

anand mukhare said...

Totally agree.
Motivational blog and yes there is also a need for a viable alternative.
Thankyou for all the hard work done by you.

anand mukhare said...

Totally agree. Motivational blog and yes there is also need to give a viable alternative. Thankyou for all the hard work done by you.

Aishu said...

Wonderful analysis! Thank you for spending your valuable time to create the awareness.

Premlatha Aravindhan said...

Nice Article

Debidutta Mohanty said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely article. Thanks for all the pain that you have taken could you highlight on tetra pack milk like Amul or any other brand....we give as they are pasteurized thinking better than packet milk...but the cream that comes out is bit scary as plastic sheet sometimes may be bcoz its fatless...plz take the pain on highlighting this

Anuradha Sridharan said...

@latha narasimhan, Posted about women's horlicks -

Audrey Jacob said...

It's an amazing article! I would like to share this with your permission.

Suresh Pamidighantam said...

I agree with your views and have been following them for few decades. Good products don't require advertisement. Nobody advertises lemon juice coconut water sugarcane juice butter milk once they are processed and packed they need advertisements . Best is home cooked food once you are outside home you can eat fruits and salads, dry fruits. I strongly endorse the view about liquor every drop damages the liver and other organs. It is very sad to see more and more people drinking. We must stress on prevention is better than cure. We should eat healthy do good physical activity meditation for physical mental and spiritual health. This can be achieved with articles like yours bringing awareness amongst public. Every one please translate in to local languages and circulate on whatsapp face book etc. Thanks once again. I personally stopped consuming sugar for more than 20 years.

Suresh Pamidighantam said...

Unprocessed freshly cooked foods salads and fruits. Avoid all long shelf life products. Avoid all refined products. Thanks.

Unknown said...

My blessings and good wishes to you. You have done a great service to all those lovely kids who get addicted because of TV advertisements. PARENTS should tell the little ones about the side effects of these Junk foods.

Lakshika said...

Wow Anuradha , what a analysis. Things which are easily ignored in the name of convinience can have a major effect on our health and the environment as a whole

Unknown said...

Wonderful article. Let the younger generation read it.May be it will change their views

Rajagopalan said...

Nice article

Rajagopalan said...

Nice article

Deepali Bhosale said...

Thank you for such a detailed analysis. I will share it to my friends and relatives.. keep informing us about you future analysis.. u r doing a great job. Thanks once again

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