Nov 13, 2017

Master List of Analysis of packaged / junk foods

Over the past few months, I have shared my analysis of various packaged/junk/ready-to-eat foods - their ingredients, nutrition information, preservatives, false promises and health claims. Thanks for the positive response and words of encouragement.

This post is a compilation of all such previous posts put together, so it is easily accessible for anyone new to my blog. I'll keep this list updated as I write more about new product launches in the near future.

Breakfast Cereals (9):

Health Beverages(15):

Health Biscuits(7)

Breakfast Staples(4):

Health snacks / ready-to-cook foods(12):
Infants/Toddlers/Kids focused foods(7):
Cipla's ImmunoBoosters

Packaged Juices(4):

Kitchen Non-Essentials(11) :

FAQs (Added on 10th May 2018)

1. If everything is bad, then what else should I eat?
I have answered the exact question in this blog post with a list of healthy alternatives.
There are plenty of options that are healthy and tasty. A junk food free pantry and fridge is totally possible.

2. You say that we need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. But they contain pesticides too. What other options do we have?
I agree that fruits and vegetables contain pesticides. Going organic is the best option but not many can afford to make the switch. There are also trust-related concerns on how to validate whether a certain produce is organic or not.

One of the most important organs of our body is the “liver”, that helps in detoxification and flushing out toxins and chemicals. If we keep our liver in good condition, then my belief is that such toxins we consume from fruits, vegetables, air and water can be eliminated to some extent. 

To maintain our liver in the best condition, my recommendation would be to stay away from alcohol. I had written a separate post on why we should say No to alcohol. Please do check it out.
There are other foods that impact our liver - refined oils, white sugar based foods, excess consumption of high carb foods like white rice, maida etc. Eliminate them as well, in order to let your liver do a good job of detoxification.

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