Jun 20, 2019

Epigamia Greek Yogurt Smoothie Review

I had already posted about the ingredients in flavored Greek yogurt. This one is the newly launched smoothie variant in a plastic bottle. The price point is Rs.70.

This 200ml strawberry flavoured pack contains a whopping 24.3 gm / 6 TSP of sugar. Yeah, 6 TSP. The total fruit content is only around 7%. 

And the best part is this line "our smoothie is just like your lassi". Really? I don't remember that we add permitted enzyme, stabilizer and acidity regulator in our lassi. And definitely not 6 TSP of sugar. I'm not even looking into the protein content, given the high amounts of sugar. Will eat a bowl of dal / sundal for my protein.

Yet another junk masquerading as healthy. Would the new investor Deepika Padukone include this in her diet?


..friend. said...

What an absolute scam, i saw it too. It's a shame because it tastes so delicious. I have a thing for the Blueberry smoothie but 19gs on the label is enough for me to steer clear. I doubt if they're honest about the protein content either.

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