Apr 29, 2009

Back to form!

I'm not struck by a dreadful writer's block. In contrast, the words are being written out as strands flowing into Dumbledore's pensieve. Some ought not to be analyzed while the rest is not worth to be explored. The past few months haven't been very exciting. The daily drudgeries seem to continue and hog the limelight. There have been a few interesting moments although the key here is that there have been just a few. When one gets galloped in such routines, time just flies with no real purpose. Here I am, four months into 2009 and wondering how the days flew by.

I want to break the monotonies and what better month can it be than the hot summer month of May! Reminiscing over my past blog entry, I want this May to be very special as it used to be during my childhood. Although PGSEM will keep me busy until May 16th, I need to get out of this routine of office-pgsem-home. Many of my interests that have been put under the back burner need to be revived. My dear blog needs to be visited more by the hostess. My last visit to Landmark bookstore helped me fetch the voluminous "Chronicles of Narnia" collection. Although I have been a huge fan of Harry Potter, I haven't ventured out into other fantasy based novels. As an avid dreamer, I love fantasizing about distant dreams and friendly creatures. I’m hoping Narnia will be an interesting read, given that I have liked the movie “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”.

My experimentation with cooking has to be restarted or else my hubby will throw out my carefully written down recipe notes which I have been noting down diligently from all TV shows. “Have you ever prepared any one recipe from this book?” is his everyday, innocent question. Hopefully, I can answer him positively.

It's been a long time since I visited my favorite bookstore "Crosswords" in Residency Road,Bangalore. It's a quiet place where one can browse through books for a long time, pick a few and enjoy reading them over a cup of coffee in Cafe Coffee Day. I'm adding this trip (any place farther than 10 kms in Bangalore has to be called a trip) to my agenda.

With four full Saturdays awaiting me, I want to plan out atleast two weekend trips. Ah, precious Saturdays!! Getting up late, sipping tea, browsing through newspaper, wondering what to cook for lunch, making an elaborate meal, enjoying an afternoon siesta, being lazy and at the same time, feeling happy there is one more day to the weekend – these are some of the things I’m trading off for PGSEM. I can’t believe it’s going to be two years ever since I restarted my academics.

In the past few months, my mood swings have been terrible, almost tracing an obtuse angle. At one moment, I feel elated and inspired by life while the other moment, I feel gloomy and depressed. Sometimes, I wonder if this is what makes life interesting. While I have tonnes of activities to do, I sit idle and feel bored. My productivity to a large extent depends on my mood. Thankfully there is Rahman's music, Jab we met, FRIENDS, bhel puri and tea that can lift my mood on days when I'm upset about certain events or people. Though I have watched all the episodes of FRIENDS many times, I can't wait to get back from work and watch the weekday telecast of FRIENDS on Star World.

I'm getting back in form and am eagerly awaiting the vacation month of May!!

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