Feb 20, 2014

The tunes of Highway

Music that I usually like to hear has taken a backseat in the past couple of years. That's because I have only been listening to nursery rhymes day in and day out, thanks to my 2.5 year old daughter. Not that I'm complaining, it feels like a trip down memory lane to my LKG classroom. Even if I switch on my iPod for some film music, all she wants to listen are her personal favorites - En swaasa kaatre title track (when she is sleepy), sonapareeya (when she wants us to dance) and jai ho (when she wants to dance). I'm so glad that her preferences are also like mine - our love for Rahman's music :-)

Though many good albums of Rahman were released in the last 2 years, I have fallen crazily in love with "Highway". Except for the one song "wanna mash up", the rest of the album is just brilliant.

Same song, two different treatments - that's "patakha guddi". The energy, unexpected twists in tunes and pitches, soothing flute interludes, powerful voices of Nooran sisters - I can just go on and on about this song. The best part is the male version sung by Rahman himself. It's so surprising to hear such casual and playful attitude in his voice. This song is definitely poised to cheer you up after a long, tiring day.

Maahi ve is a peppy, foot tapping number sung by Rahman again. His voice is so magical that one wishes he just sings more often. Easy to fall in love with this song, from the first listen.

Though Kahaan hoon main has a slight touch of "mannipaaya" when it begins, it flows smoothly and makes you want to just close your eyes and dive into the feel of it.

My personal favorite in this album has to be "sooha saaha" - a magical lullaby perfect to listen to, late in the night when it is quiet and peaceful. Rahman's lullabies always evoke powerful emotions - be it lukka chuppi from rang de basanti or aahista aahista from swades. The sweet, innocent voice of Alia Bhatt makes this song even more likable.

The instrumental "Implosive Silence" has a similar feel to that of Latika's theme. With simple hums, it just flows like a gentle stream in a forest.

I was never a fan of Sunidhi Chouhan, primarily because of the fact that I prefer slow paced melodies whereas her songs are completely the opposite. I only wish she sings more songs like "tu kuja". She takes this song to a different level - with superb variations in the pitches.

What better way to end a beautiful album with a "heera". It transports you to a different world altogether, with the sweet voice of the singer and the orchestra, especially the violin bits.

I hope that picturization of all these songs are equally beautiful. Would it be the movie that I get to watch in a cinema theatre after nearly 3 years? :-)

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