Oct 29, 2020

Jelimals Immunoz Review

 Immunity is the buzzword these days, with brands leveraging this magic word left, right and center. Be it their marketing campaigns, advertisements or even the product line variation, brands are exploiting this word big time, given that there is no regulation controlling the use of this important word in the present pandemic situation.

A candy loaded with synthetic colors and sugar using the word Immunity must be the biggest joke of 2020. Take a look at the Ingredients list - the first two ingredients are Sugar and Liquid Glucose. Each recommended serving (2 jellies) contain 2 tsp of sugar.  Whether this product provides immunity or not, the added sugar will deplete whatever immunity is already present in the child.

The product emphasizes on added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Zinc (zinc sulphate) as the sources of immunity. For a serving size of 2 jellies, as per their nutrition facts table,
Vitamin C - 20 mg 
Zinc - 1.35 mg

A single medium sized guava (100 gm) would give around 220 mg of Vitamin C.
A serving of capsicum (100 gm) would give around 120 mg of Vitamin C.
Most vegetables and greens provide more Vitamin C than these sugar-loaded jellies.

Let's look at Zinc. 100 gm of wholewheat flour provides 2.85 gm of Zinc. Most nuts and seeds provide adequate amounts of Zinc. So are the lentils and pulses that we commonly use in Indian cooking. Do refer to this compilation of sources of Zinc along with their values.

The first two phrases about Vitamin C and Zinc are targeting the parents whereas the last two phrases about exciting toys and fun fruit flavours are targeting the young kids. When I showed this article to my daughter, the first thing she spotted was the Toys. It didn't catch my attention whatsoever. Here's her comment verbatim - "If the kids buy these toys and they don't use them, then it goes to waste". How much of cheap plastic being used and wasted!

The fun fruit flavours are nothing but nature identical flavours and attractive synthetic food colours. 

Let's be vigilant about what we buy for our kids in the name of immunity. 

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