May 31, 2019

Strawfit Milk Flavouring Straw with Colostrum Review

 A friend of mine messaged me about this product - milk flavouring straws for children who hate milk. One search in Insta shows me how mommy bloggers have been promoting it with such impactful videos showing kids who say no to milk and regular foods but gulping down milk with this straw. Do see a few videos for yourself. Unbelievable! Professional ad makers can go on a sabbatical !! 

What irks me the most is that in all these posts, these mommy bloggers say that these straws are sweetened with stevia. Guess no one bothered to see the ingredients list. 

1. The very first ingredient is sugar. Yes, over 50% of the product is sugar.
2. The selling point "colostrum" is only around 4% in powder form.
3. Maltodextrin is the second listed ingredient. Why is this artificial ingredient needed in a toddler's diet?
4. The pack says no artificial flavours but nature identical flavours are present.

Each pack comes with 30 plastic straws and servings recommended is 2. The pack costs ₹350. Though these straws are portrayed as BPA free, reusable and recyclable, how many straws will be reused? How many will be taken to proper recycling centers?

We are reaching new heights of ridiculousness day by day.


Unknown said...

Truly Said, Thanks for informing me I was going to purchase the product but thought of seeing some reviews first and seen your review a big Thank you, I got suspicious when I had seen how swiftly they have hidden Ingredients and nutritional values label on their website.. You have nailed it.. today advertisers and easily fool consumers and sell anything, and consumers too are so much lazy/unaware to check the facts, Also it doesn't mention anywhere that straws are BPS free (few manufacturers were using Bisphenol-S as alternative to Bisphenol-A and swiftly using BPA free in claim) Thanks for the review it surely helped me, thanks

komal said...

This review really helped..thanks..not gonna buy

Tharini said...

Super thank you so much for the review

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