May 17, 2019

Horlicks Protein Plus No added sugar review

 A famous blogger who claimed that the secret of her energy was Saffola Fittify hi-protein meal shake a few weeks back now has shifted her loyalties to Horlicks Protein Plus. Earlier I used to find such promotional posts irritating but now I find them so funny and entertaining. How quickly they switch brands with no hesitation!! 😆😆😆 Do brands even have any contracts/agreements with Insta influencers? Do these contracts have a no-compete clause at all?

Anyway, let's focus on the product. I wanted to get the ingredients list but couldn't find it on Amazon or Bigbasket. I found the label on Flipkart. 

When a brand claims "no added sugar", the first thing we need to do is to check the ingredients for artificial sweeteners. As you might notice, it contains Acesulfame potassium. I have written about this ingredient in Women's Horlicks review. All artificial sweeteners have harmful side effects. 

This term "Contains added flavour" without any details need to be looked at as well. Why can't they explicitly state what the flavours are?

This protein shake/mix is just becoming a huge business. Let's not focus only on the protein quantity and ignore the rest of the ingredients.


The dot. said...

Hi Anuradha
Stumbled across your blog for the first time. I have always believed the same for most of child health drinks as you have pointed out. As a result I gave always given plain milk(even without sugar)

However he is truly a fussy eater. Has been diagnosed with low protein, low haemoglobin(yes, I have had tests done). Not even on the charts for weight and 0.3 percentile for height.
Has been recommended 4 scoops of pediasure/horlicks growth in addition to changes in the diet after a recent and serious illness.

Giving him egg and most other sources of protein has been next to impossible till now. But we are working on it.

My question is.. do these contain decent amount of protein? Of course there are side effects of all the other stuff in it, but do they have protein as well?

Anuradha Sridharan said...

@The dot.
More than the quantity of the protein, we should evaluate the quality of the protein and the source where it comes from. Most of these protein drinks extract protein from soy (soy protein isolate). Given that more than 90% of soy produced in the world is GMO, I would be wary of consuming it. I'd suggest you to keep trying natural sources of protein in his diet.

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