Jul 17, 2017

3 reasons to stay away from Kinder Joy

I’m nearing the end of my analysis of a few popular packaged, junk foods. I sincerely hope that these posts helped you familiarize a little bit on the ingredients and additives used in such foods. One more post coming up later this week, after which I’m done with this project.

In my earlier post, I mentioned that there are a few junk foods that are on top of my “hate” list. One such kids’ favourite treat is this egg shaped Kinder Joy.

From a nutrition perspective, it is loaded with sugar and fat, like most other junk foods. But I hate this particular product for two other reasons:

1. The sheer amount of waste that this product generates. The two outer shells with individual wraps, a plastic spoon, couple of instruction papers/stickers and plastic toys/knick-knacks. The child is excited about the toy for a few seconds, after which it ends up in the garbage bin. How ridiculous this concept is! How much of plastic waste is thrown! Atrocious is the word.
2. The gender prejudice the toy advocates. I’m a mother of a daughter. Even if I choose to overlook the pink/blue packaging differentiation, the toy inside is unbearable. Boys get vehicles/blocks etc while girls get pendants/rings/bracelets with pictures of dolls. Don’t girls have anything better to do other than wear these knick-knacks or play with dolls? What sort of messages are we sending to our girls AND boys? Heights of idiocy!

I had to buy this junk to show the EXACT stuff inside a "for girls" pack. And while you are at it, do take a look at the amount of waste generated.

Given the oddly shaped product, it isn’t so easy to read and decipher the ingredients. Here’s the list as mentioned in the pack:
  1. Sugar
  2. Edible vegetable oils and fats
  3. Skimmed cow milk powder (19.5%)
  4. Low fat cocoa powder (4%)
  5. Wheat flour
  6. Toasted wheat germ
  7. Wheat starch
  8. Powdered barley malt extract
  9. Emulsifier (Lecithin - INS 322)
  10. Whey proteins
  11. Raising agents (INS 503ii, INS 500ii)
  12. Salt
The top 2 ingredients make it clear why it is a child’s favourite treat and why it should be thrown out of the shelves. Check out the product’s nutritional Information (per 20 gm):
Energy - 109 Kcal
Protein - 1.6 gm
Carbohydrate - 11.3 gm
- Sugar - 10.2 gm
Fat - 6.4 gm

In simple terms, each Kinder Joy contains a whopping 2.5 tsp of sugar and around 1.38 tsp of fat. Do we even need to worry about the rest of the ingredients, given that the high amounts of sugar and fat is a big enough concern?

It has the same ingredients profile like any other junk foods - wheat flour (maida), lecithin, raising agents etc.

The price point is Rs.40 - for what? 
For spoiling our kids’ health
For destroying our planet
For creating idiotic, gender prejudices

If you are affected by even one of these three issues, then let’s stop buying and supporting such products. Kids will understand, if we sit down and explain to them. 


glistening_dewdrop said...

Is the carb AMT per 20g correct? The numbers don't add up.

Aiyappa said...

Absolutely ! They are pumping trash into the planet, junk into kids and laughing all the way to the banks!

Apna Dhaba said...

Yes it is really good suggestion for all the parents. Hope we should understand the situation which comes over to us as a infection.

Unknown said...

Not just that. It affects the regulation of dopamine. That's the biggest danger. Kids grow addiction as initially a huge amount of dopamine is released all at once. This is due to the effect of sugar and all the toys and joys. Now, there will be no extra dopamine left to be discharged as at once, all the dopamine is secreted. Until dopamine is created to a threshold amount once again, it can't be released. Thus the kid feels an immense boredom and feels like having kinderjoy again. If not given, the kid becomes bitter as the dopamine regulation system is disrupted. Normally dopamine is released in a very regulated manner as and when necessary. Whenever a person acquires happiness quite easily, with least effort from the person's side, the dopamine system gets disrupted. It slowly affects the mental health. One feels terribly uninterested and empty due to lack of dopamine. Thus one needs to avoid the sources of happiness that gives joy easily without demanding effort. When a person gives effort to achieve happiness, dopamine is released steadily and in a controlled way. Eventually this makes the person do the work even more devotedly. This gives time for every receptor to catch the dopamine molecules, thus very less amount of dopamine is wasted.

07011g said...


Unknown said...

So expensive

Unknown said...

Useful message.we need to avoid and teach our children not to eat.

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