Jul 28, 2017

Support small shop owners and startups

 Couple of months back, I wrote about the grand launch of Saffola Aura oil with the buzz created in Instagram through popular food bloggers and I wished someone would launch native, cold-pressed oils in a similar fashion. For those of you who haven’t read the post, please check it out.

I recently started using cold-pressed oils (Standard Cold Pressed Oils brand) and I wrote my honest, unsolicited review in Instagram yesterday.

If you read my review, you’ll find that it’s not all goody-goody and I have also highlighted the price difference.

This morning, I was surprised to receive a call from one of the founders of Standard Cold Pressed oils. He genuinely thanked me for sharing my feedback and also mentioned that they are trying hard to bring down the price of cold-pressed groundnut oil. His heart-felt thanks had a powerful, emotional factor to it and I could feel he was super-thrilled to receive feedback. Compare that to the lakhs big brands pay food bloggers (who already lead a posh lifestyle) to write sponsored posts with pre-written copy and exact phrases to use in their reviews.

If you are planning to buy cold-pressed oils, I recommend this brand - http://www.standardcoldpressedoil.com/

They have sesame oil and groundnut oil in 500 gms and coconut oil in 250 gms. Perfect for initial trial. My favourite among the three has been the sesame oil so far. Amazing flavour and natural aroma.

Small players need our support and our honest feedback to grow. The bigger players would also be ready with their cold-pressed oils soon, with their pompous marketing budgets and ample hoopla created by the “so-called” influencers cum food bloggers.

P.S. It is an irony that I was watching “You’ve got mail” for the millionth time last night and crying when “The shop around the corner” was forced to shut down by the big player “Fox books store”. In India, there are many such shops around the corner who need support from consumers.

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