Dec 19, 2020

Patanjali Thandai powder mix - Review

 76% of this pack is nothing but Sugar. Yes, the other ingredients seem natural. But it is certainly not a healthier drink that can be ingested everyday along with milk. Definitely not for diabetic patients and it is clearly mentioned in the pack. 

I'm not able to convince my family elders (who are diabetic) to stop drinking this sugary mix. They also add a sugar-free pill (artificial sweetener) on top of this sugar loaded drink!! 

As I wrote in my earlier post, old habits die hard. Most urban senior citizens of today are addicted to milk and they want to mix some form of "packaged health powders" to drink their milk. Not to forget the artificial sweeteners - either added separately in the form of powders or pills OR the sucralose/aspartame/acesulfame present in health mix powders.

Continuous intake of artificial sweeteners causes various side effects - abdominal fat, increased consumption of sugary foods and simple carb foods like polished rice, maida etc, changes to taste preferences, higher calorie intake etc.

Let's read the labels of these "health drinks" that our family elders consume on a daily basis. It is our responsibility to educate / inform them. If they still don't want to stop such drinks, it is a different issue but atleast let's take the first step of knowing the products they are eating/drinking and understanding the labels.

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