Dec 19, 2020

21 days of daily meditation

 Though I have been doing Yoga regularly, somehow I wasn't making time for meditation practice. The habit kickstarted all of a sudden one day and I have now completed 21 days of daily meditation before bedtime. 

Sometime in Nov, D was having trouble calming herself down for the night. Loud TV noises were coming from the living room as family elders watch TV at high volume post 8 PM. One evening, as she was getting disturbed by the noise, K and I cuddled along with D and played the 10-minute meditation "Daily Calm" from the Calm app. K has been a subscriber of the Calm app for a couple of years and he has been meditating almost every day. After the 10-minute session, she felt better and slept well that night. From then on, D and I have been meditating every night around 8:45 PM. K joins us whenever he is free. Sometimes, our pet cat W also joins the family meditation session. 

I find the daily meditation very relaxing and calming. It helps me get deep sleep, and it also helps me wake up earlier than my usual time. I don't use my phone after I complete the daily meditation session. 

Guided meditation is very helpful as the narrator gives specific instructions to observe our breath and our thoughts. The soothing background music is quite relaxing. 

If you are new to meditation, start with just 10 minutes before bedtime. There are various apps available. You can also find many guided meditation sessions on Youtube. These help you get into the habit, after which you can meditate without being dependent on any external factor. 

And yes, meditation is a helpful practice for children as well.

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