Dec 11, 2020

How to stay active during winter?

 Winter season is upon us. All we want to do is snuggle nicely inside a cozy blanket and hibernate for most of the day. Our appetite levels are higher than usual. So there are good chances that we might choose heavy food, which would make us even more lethargic.

Staying active throughout the day helps us to remain fit and not pile up on extra pounds during winters. Here are a few tips that will help you to stay active.

1) Check off the "Morning four" habits every single day

Wake up early, at least by sunrise

Get some form of exercise done - Yoga, brisk walk

Get exposed to morning sunlight

Have a bath in the morning

These 4 habits will kickstart your energy levels for a productive morning.

Another trick that helps you to move outside more often, which can be clubbed with the "Morning four".

Wear clothes that are suited for stepping outside your home. If we continue to wear nighties/night pajamas, they make us feel lazy and sleepy. And we would end up using this as an excuse to avoid stepping out of our homes. Speaking from my experience🙂

2) Eat whatever suits your body, but avoid eating till you feel "full"

Leave some space. This helps you to avoid that post-meal sluggishness.

3) Be on the move inside your home

Keep displaced things in their proper place. 

Do a few chores that help you move physically. 

Allocate time for non-device activities (cooking, gardening, cleaning, organizing)

Try not to outsource all chores to your house-help.

4) Be mindful of your device time - the quantity as well as the quality

When you are browsing social media, set a time limit. Maybe a timer for 10 - 15 minutes. Avoid using your phone for long periods. The same applies to your laptop / TV as well.

While browsing your phone / watching TV, sit on the couch/sofa/floor and stretch your legs. Try not to lie down during the day.

Have a routine/schedule for yourself. Schedule your downtimes for unwind / relaxation but try not to exceed the allotted times.

5) Make your bed in the morning

Fold the blankets/comforters as early as possible. If the blankets are left unfolded, they tempt us to snuggle up and take a long nap during the day.

Keep yourself warm, wear warm clothing so that you don't reach out for that thick blanket on the bed to wrap yourself.

Other habits I follow

Keep daily wear clothes on the bottom shelf of your wardrobe and less frequently used clothes on the most accessible shelf. Sounds counterintuitive? But hear me out, this has helped me to sit down and get up at least 2 times a day.

Keep most frequently used pans/pressure cookers on the bottom shelf of your kitchen. You get the drift right?

Avoid these practices if you have any back/spine issues.

Sit on the floor more often. Sitting down and getting up in itself is a good tummy exercise.

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