Dec 10, 2020

The biggest spy

For the past few weeks, I have been coming across certain information related to food from multiple sources - "Cooked food is dead food", "Eating raw is the best for health", "Grains are hard to digest" etc. This is completely in contrast to the eating patterns that I have been following since childhood. As a person who doesn't blindly accept every idea that comes my way, I wanted to understand this contradicting information further. 

Yes, I do eat fruits and raw vegetables, but I could never eat them as a stand-alone meal. They don't give me satiety as cooked food. Moreover, we have been cooking food for centuries. So many new recipes and combinations were formulated across different regions, leading to a vast repertoire of cuisines. 

These thoughts led me to this question - "If raw food is so nutritious and healthy, why did we even switch to cooking foods in the first place? Why do we cook food?"

I have been asking this question to the Universe. A couple of days back, my husband gifted me this book - "Sapiens". I have been meaning to read this book but never took the step of buying it. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a copy. As I started reading this book last night, Page 14 gave me answers to the question I have been grappling with. 

I will write a separate post on the topic of cooked food, once I have gathered enough insights. 

But the intent of this post is all about Questioning. 

As I wrote in my Instagram post sometime back,
Many of us who use Google Home/Siri/Alexa might have wondered if we are being spied on. Especially when we discuss something offline with our family and related ads show up online 😁🤣😁

But do you know who the biggest spy is?? The Universe. Not a spy in a negative sense. When you seek answers, the Universe brings to you the answers you need to hear from unexpected people, unexpected situations and unexpected context. Law of attraction / the secret - whatever may be the term for it, this is very much real. When this happens, it feels so magical. I have been experiencing this for the past few months and I strongly believe in the power of the Universe.

How to experience this magic for ourselves?
  • Trust the power of the Universe
  • Think of any idea/situation and come up with your questions
  • Verbalize them - ask them out aloud, journal them. Let these questions transform from your thoughts into tangible words
  • Wait patiently and trust that answers are coming your way
I have also experienced being a part of this magic for other people. When I write about a random topic on my blog or Instagram, there would atleast be 2-3 people who would DM me, saying this is exactly what I needed to hear. The answers they are seeking are coming through me from the Universe. 

How to be a part of this magic for someone else?
  • Introspect and observe your thoughts, reactions and feelings without seeking distractions the moment you feel a tinge of discomfort
  • Transform such thoughts into words - start a journal, write down, get into the habit of consistent writing to get clarity for your own sake
  • Share these words without any fear of being judged. Don't restrain yourself. Share wholeheartedly. Use any medium you are comfortable with - blog, social media, book, video, podcast etc. 
  • If there are answers in your words for those who are seeking, the Universe will bring them to your words. 
Do try this out with an open mind. Share your experience.

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