Dec 22, 2020

Remove, not add more

I have been asked this question multiple times - "Why do you mostly write about what NOT to eat? Why don't you share more about what to eat?"

I had elaborated my answer in an earlier post but this point needs to be re-emphasized. When faced with a health issue, we immediately start looking for more foods to eat that will address the symptoms. For eg, when someone suffers from constipation, he/she starts to include psyllium husk, OTC fiber supplements, or even traditional herbs and spices like adhimadhuram (liquorice), karunjeeragam (black cumin), etc. We are only adding more to our digestive system, but not thinking about foods we are eating that could be the culprits. Eliminating maida-based products like biscuits, bread, bun, etc from the diet provides good relief from constipation. But we are not ready to give up on such junk foods and instead, we overload our system with more and more products to address the symptoms.

The native, traditional herbs and spices need to be consumed in moderation. Not every day as a preventive measure. They lose their potency and our bodies get used to the nature of these spices. Right spices, when used in the right way can bring relief. But again, they only address the symptoms and not the root cause.

Next time, when you are down with headache, constipation, acidity, bloating, stomach ache, etc, instead of grabbing a new product / OTC pill / herbal supplement to give relief from the pain, ask yourself, "What did I eat in the last 3 days that could have triggered this condition?" If it is difficult to remember, maintain a food journal and check if there are any patterns. 

Minimal eating habits can do wonders to our health. 2-3 homemade, simple, and wholesome meals that suit your body, an adequate gap between meals and mindful eating - that's all we need. Let's not complicate good eating or rely on experts/influencers who complicate good eating. 

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