Dec 23, 2020

Why I love to walk outdoors every day


"When something is taken away, you realize how much you took it for granted". This is one of the valuable lessons that Covid has taught me this year. The bright sunlight, fresh air, view of the outside world, clear blue sky, white clouds, the Sun, Moon and Stars, birds returning to their nest - I never prioritized to spend my time with these blessings of Nature until this thing called "lockdown" forced me to stay indoors in March/April. 

It's now been 9 months and I spend at least 15-20 minutes every single day walking on my terrace. No one had stopped me from doing this pre-Covid but it was my own choice to stay indoors and stick to my gadgets/devices and various other priorities.

What has this daily walk given me? Plenty.

  1. Exposure to sunlight. Living in a country like India blessed with abundant sunlight, it still surprises me that 70% of our population is deficient in Vitamin D. Regular sun exposure has helped me deal with body aches. It gives me more energy to meet the demands of the day. Sunlight exposure has a direct correlation with my happiness and mental well-being.
  2. Exposure to moonlight. The moon plays an important role, especially for women. It is recommended that we align our menstrual cycle with the moon cycle. Exposure to moonlight helps in this process. In a city like Bangalore where it is mostly cloudy, I try to catch hold of the moonlight whenever possible.
  3. Fresh air. Staying indoors for a long time and being busy with our responsibilities mean that we don't focus much time on our breath. Being outdoors amidst fresh air (either morning or evening) helps me to take conscious deep breaths and slow down.
  4. Time for solitude. Given that the whole family is at home, sometimes we do need a few minutes of quiet time for ourselves to reflect and be with our thoughts. Walking outdoors has helped me get this me-time.
  5. Catching up with friends. As I shifted my focus from online interactions to real interactions this year, I have started reconnecting with a few close friends. Talking to them over a phone call while walking on the terrace is something I enjoy.
  6. Observing Nature. When I don't plan to talk to my friends, I keep my phone at home so that I can observe and admire the sights and sounds of Nature without any distractions. No podcasts/audiobooks for me during my walk. The sounds of parrots, pigeons and other birds, the various cloud patterns, pockets of greenery peeking here and there amidst the concrete buildings, the vast expanse of the sky give such a positive vibration and triggers happy hormones.
  7. More movement. Apart from the various benefits, the mere act of walking brings in the much-needed movement for our body. I don't use a step counter to count my steps. But I'm sure it adds upto a good number of steps per day.

Spending at least a few minutes every day when there is no roof over our heads is so important for our physical and mental well-being. Let's prioritize this time amidst our other commitments.

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