Sep 2, 2020

Nu-Shakti Mix me Ingredients Review


Since "immunity" is the buzz word these days, multiple products are cropping up that leverage this word big time in their marketing promotions. One such drink that is being promoted by many influencers is this Mix-me drink. 

These celebrities stress on the "12 vitamins and 5 minerals" and they even go onto claim that this is a healthier option than packaged fruit juices. 
Let's look at the ingredients list. The very first ingredient is Sugar. One serving sachet of 20 gms contains 19.4 gms of sugar (nearly 5 tsp of sugar). The brand promise is increasing immunity but a drink with 5 tsp of sugar will deplete whatever immunity we already have. 

Synthetic orange flavor is used, along with artificial color (INS 110 - Sunset yellow). A study by researchers at the University of Southampton has shown evidence of increased hyperactivity in young children who are given foods rich in certain artificial colors and INS 110 is one such color.

Let's look at the synthetic vitamins and their respective values.
As you can see, natural, real foods can give us plenty of required nutrients as compared to such synthetic, sugar-loaded mixes.

Parents, let's ALWAYS choose real foods for our child's immunity and avoid such products. Let's invest the extra effort needed to plan and cook with real foods and avoid these unhealthy shortcuts.


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