Sep 8, 2020

Embrace the process of learning

Because of a few changes happening, I spent some time yesterday and reallocated my time budget and my time-boxed weekday calendar. I prefer to time-box my day in 15-min slots from 6 AM to 10 PM. But I don't rigidly plan for every 15-min slot. I intentionally leave a few slots open here and there to have more flexibility and do-nothing moments. I don't want to pack in so tight that I end up feeling suffocated. The word I LOVE is balance - balance in every little thing. When it comes to time management, I work better when there is a fixed schedule with a planned list of tasks.

As I was revising my time budget, I made sure that my time for learning isn't compromised in any way. Continuous learning is one of my core strengths and I just enjoy the process. I believe that as we grow older, the joy of learning should never be lost.

I allocate an hour per day for learning and reflection. Thanks to the Information age, there are plenty of resources easily accessible for most of us on the planet. The only prerequisite is to keep our curiosity and interest intact and not lose it amidst the pressures of our daily lives.

As I mentioned earlier, I spend my morning tea time reading newsletters of some of the thinkers I admire. This morning, I was reading Adam Grant's monthly newsletter - Granted where I came across this interesting NYTimes article - Kids can learn to love learning even over Zoom.

This particular passage caught my attention

In school and in life, success depends less on how much we know than on how much we want to learn. One of the highest aims of education is to cultivate and sustain the intrinsic motivation to learn.
The article then talks about the three key principles that nurture interest in learning - mystery (curiosity), exploration and meaning and how these principles can be applied in remote teaching as well. Do take a look at the article, certainly worth your time.

These principles are equally applicable to adults as well. The daily grind, the umpteen distractions and the lack of time towards reflection are some of the reasons that have negatively impacted the time we invest in learning. 

Let's prioritize learning and embrace the process wholeheartedly.

P.S. When I refer to "learning", I don't necessarily imply books only. Podcasts, videos, online courses, blogs, newsletters, long-form articles, trying a new skill etc are all potential sources of learning.

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