Feb 12, 2008

Special companion

Now and then, I get this sudden urge to buy myself a bicycle and ride on Bangalore roads, claiming that I could save on fuel and also would help me stay fit. My experience with cycling dates back to my college days (not so long ago, mind you!). In school, I was more than happy to be a pillion driver along with my dad or my younger brother. During the long break between school and college (ah! those wonderful days), dad bought me a BSA SLR bicycle and I started to learn. Initially, my brother was helping me till I get the balance. Yeah, you are right! A 17 year old girl was being taught how to ride a bicycle by her 15 year old brother.

Once I got the hang of it, it was a dream come true. Every morning, I used to ride my vehicle to the cycle stand, park it and then take my college bus. The route I normally take was pretty straightforward, through residential streets and a road encompassing a huge playground where there is little traffic (little refers to fellow bicyclers). There were speed brakers and humps in such roads for no reason. Initially, I used to get down diligently before each and every speed braker, drag my bicycle and then start riding again. When occasionally a lorry or a big van comes from the opposite direction, I would sincerely get down and give way to those huge vehicles. My brother is my biggest critic and he used to advise me that I rather take a walk than drag my vehicle. He still doesn't think that I am capable of cycling. Those were the initial 3 months. After this testing period, it was a bliss or rather I call it a miracle. It became a second nature. Wherever I go around in my locality, my red BSA gave me a good company. She was one of my dear friends for 4 years.

When I moved to Bangalore, I had to give up my bicycle. Cycling is such an enjoyable experience which makes me want to buy one and ride to office everyday. Hope this dream comes true soon!

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