Feb 5, 2008

Capturing the beginning

Let me capture this moment before it gets buried in the humdrums of assignment submissions, exam preparations and work deliverables. This day marks the beginning of something special, something close to my heart. As I hold the book which has my words imprinted on white sheets of paper, neatly bound and my name in the beginning of chapter 5, I realize that my writing dreams can indeed become a reality. It's not a long cherished dream. I have never given a thought about this writer's world 3 years ago. A casual blogging has given way to a curious interest, thanks to Web 2.0, blogspot, friends, fellow bloggers etc.

I always thought that the idea of imaginations expressed in words solely belong to people who have a superb command over the language, an excellent vocabulary and a perfect grammar. Blogging has changed this notion. I'm now trying to write poetry, narrate short stories, put forth my experiences and little knowledge I have gathered so far in my life to a wider audience, imagine a different world, travel across different dreams and get to know unique characters that could possibly exist somewhere in the universe. This freedom of expression is something which I treasure.

My first published writings are part of this book "Women balancing home and career" .

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