Feb 18, 2008

A wish come true!

I have never watched a movie in a cinema theater a day before any exam but I always wanted to give it a try. Exams come and go all the time but a free premiere show ticket of the much awaited movie doesn't land in one's hands everyday. This is exactly what happened to me last Friday, an opportunity to watch "Jodha Akbar". With two exams lined up on Saturday, it was a difficult yet daring choice if you ask me. I took it and now I don't regret it. Those 4-5 hours of preparation wouldn't have made any big difference to my performance, anyway.

Jodha Akbar is a superb movie for its grandeur and magnificent picturization of the forts and battlefields, the colors and wonderful costumes and ofcourse, the brilliant music by Rahman. Ash and Hrithik have portrayed their characters so well that I don't think anyone else could have fit their roles. The songs have been beautifully picturized, especially the "Marhaba" song.

For a person who managed to learn Hindi by watching movies, I couldn't follow many of the dialogues. My friends mentioned during the intermission that the sentences are of pure Urdu and Hindi words that are not so commonly used. Subtitles would have really helped to appreciate this history based movie much better. The pace of the movie, especially the first 30 minutes was very slow that I saw a few people get out of the cinema hall. The movie was very lengthy as well. Apart from these two glitches, the movie is definitely worth a watch.

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