Feb 16, 2005

Colour of accomplishment, colour of success, colour of graduation robe

That's Black. It is how the protogonist of the movie, Black expresses her views about the colour. I happened to see a different movie today. Story that has never been experimented before. Story that has never been so deep in feelings and emotions.

It is the life of people whose world is totally dark. A life where they can't see, can't hear but can only feel. A truly different way of conveying one's emotions.

Michelle, the main character is deaf and blind from her childhood. Her mother gives her so much of love and affection but her father wants to put her in an asylum. At the age of eight, she is a violent, arrogant and spoilt child. No one bothers to teach her even the basic manners of eating food. Enters the teacher in her life who becomes a life changer for her. He treats her like a human being who has physical disabilities and not like a mentally retarded child. Her life turns into a page of colours from a state of black. She dreams through her heart. In the end, she becomes successful.

The little girl (not sure about her name) has played her role very well. I can't imagine a child who could play such experimental roles at a young age. The latter half belongs to Rani. Her face has so much of expressions. She deserves an award for this movie. What can be said about Big B? I would say he is the main character who takes us through the movie. No one can act like the way he has portrayed the character. Some of my friends say that he has over acted but after watching the movie, I feel it's perfect. What a powerful voice !!! He deserves an award too.

These experimental movies are very good for Bollywood. This movie has definitely set the bar high.....A must watch for people who hate traditional Masala movies.

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