May 6, 2005

DOSA - Queen of South Indian Cuisine

I'm not a person who would experiment with different cuisines whenever I go out for lunch or dinner. My appetite is very much satisfied with a bowl of fried rice or a roti/naan with a side dish made of paneer. For evening snacks, I can't think beyond chaat items especially the crunchy bhel puri and my all time favourite Dosa.

When I was a child, I always use to admire those long crispy Saravana Bhavan Dosas. Yes...They were long when compared to those tiny home made dosas. How crispy, neatly folded and brownish they are!!! I used to wonder how they make it so crispy that it actually melts when you put a piece of Dosa in your mouth. Add to that, a spoon of sambar makes the tasty dosas delicious.

I still remember the day when I went to Saravana Bhavan in T.Nagar for the first time. As usual, I ordered for Dosa. There came the mouth-watering dish with 4 varieties of colourful chutneys and a small cup of madras sambar. I prefer the green(made of mint leaves) chutney over the white(made out of coconut) or orange(made out of tomatoes and onions) ones. And all it takes is 15 - 18 rupees for this delightful experience. Oooh...I wish I was a bird now so that I can fly to Chennai and experience that awesome combo.

Whenever I go to Chennai these days, I make sure that I don't miss the queen of cuisine. Ofcourse, Dosas are available in Bangalore but they can never match up to their counterparts in Chennai. Never!!!

Dosas are the vegetarian's saviour and I'm 100% sure that only a vegetarian can relish it's taste completely......

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