Oct 14, 2005

My take on Bollywood

Watched a superb movie, Iqbal yesterday. Amazing. Good to see a Hindi movie of this caliber after a long time. Frankly speaking, I'm fed up of watching the same old "Soni kudi", "Mahi ve", "Bada-baap-bada bijiness", "karva chouth" kinda movies. I can't bear them anymore.

Iqbal starts off with a beautiful village background and the introduction of the protogonist. I'm not going to put down a set of best scenes here because each and every scene is well crafted in the movie. The story is about how a deaf and dumb person goes all out to achieve his ambitions and how people around him are supporting him in his endeavours. After watching the movie, you get this feel-good feeling and also a strong fire within you to achieve something.

Young directors with good scripts have to be motivated by experienced people in the industry and that's exactly what Subash Ghai had done. The Indian Film Industry always clings to the so-called brand names and believes firmly that only those brands can pull masses to the theatres. To prove it, find out who won most of the awards last year - Mr.Yash Chopra. No doubt he is a great stalwart and biggie in the industry. But a crap movie like Veer Zaara getting all awards is ridiculous. On top of that , people claim that this movie emphasises on Indo-Pak relations. The same old Swiss snow clad mountains, the heroine(oops, Lata Mangeshkar) singing la-la, same kind of song picturisation etc etc - What's so special in this movie to get all such awards?

I was totally disappointed that Swades didn't get the best movie or best director award. A movie, so well taken was ignored. The biggest jokes were Paheli being nominated for Oscars ahead of movies like Black and Swades and Saif Ali Khan getting the national award for Hum Tum. Needless to say, how these industry big shots influence such decisions.

People argue that we go to movies for fun. I can understand very well why movies like Murder and Kya Kool Hai Hum run into packed houses. Films provide a powerful medium not just for entertainment but also play an important role in the transformation of the society. I got positively influenced by watching Swades and Iqbal. In the same manner, people get influenced by crap, dirty movies where women are portrayed as glam dolls.

Only if directors like Ashutosh and Nagesh Kukunoor are encouraged, they would love to make such positive impact movies in the future. But the industry is not welcoming such talented people. I will not be surprised if Bunty Aur Babli wins the best movie of this year.


Skely said...

I agree that certain films have a so called positive influence and certain negative influences on the people.

But, these +ves, and -ves experienced by the poeple is based on the nature of the people who is watching and not by the movie itself.There are many people who would watch swades especially for the music or Gayatri Joshi, where as you appreciate the movie for it's theme.

Each one watches the movie, expecting different things..

I watch a movie, just to have pure fun, and I don't want to see the stuffs I experience every day.

Hence, Movie does not create +ve or -ve stuffs, it is we who take it +vely or -vely.

And also, if people produce movies only like Black and Swades, we will not appreciate all of them, just like the way we don't appreciate all movies in which girls are shown as glam girls..In fact too much of like movies, will be a bore.

As long as any movie is different, It should run successfully.,

BTW What's wrong with BAB? What an enthusiastic energy boosting movie?

DD said...

Oh Anu, I loved VeerZaara, especially the climax shayari... was so meaningful and beautiful!! Why do you say it's total crap?:-( For that matter, even in Swades, the way he generates electric-current from a open watertank high up in the mountain is a bit too much!! =))
True, it's sad to see brand names and big money controlling recognition!

Anonymous said...

Its true that a lot of crappy movies are made these days...there must be a lot of money in bollywood to make them!!!

I saw James, and Barasaat, which are like the crappiest movie I have ever seen in my life!!!

Karthikeyan Chellappa said...

I think the entertainment industry is evolving to match Global standards. Try to remember the movies that were being made in the 90's. This used to be basic flow:

- Hero meets Heroine.
- Hero impresses Heroine.
- Heroine gets kidnapped by Villain.
- Hero kills Villain.
- Hero & Heroine live happily ever after.

In all honestly, I have not seen any recent Bollywood movie that contains a fight scene for a long time. Maybe there are a few, but the idea is that the storylines are changing.

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