Feb 9, 2006

What's up?

Off-late, my blog is seeing more poems. My thinking is also slowly graduating from thinking in pure, plain text to poetic words in Tamil. When I see a beautiful sunset, my mind starts to think of ways to express this beauty in a poetic fashion. I like this feeling. It makes me appreciate the little moments of life.

Apart from that, happened to watch a couple of excellent movies. And am sure, by now you would have guessed that one of them has to be Rang De Basanti. Definitely, it is.

I've seen such kind of inspiring movies in Tamil. But very rarely a Bollywood movie of such calibre had been made before. This movie starts off as a usual college subject and slowly builds the tempo. Some of the dialogues are witty while others make you ponder on the young generation's attitude towards country, patriotism and freedom struggle ("they are boring, yaar" - one of the hero's dialogue). There is a smooth transition projected in these college-goers' attitude shift. After the first half, I felt "Yeah, it's a nice movie. But what was the hype all about? ". The second half has a twist in the story and the last few minutes are so appealing that the effect will last on you forever.

The other movie was "The Chronicles of Narnia". Harry Potter fans (Count me in :-) ) might sense that a few scenes were copied in this movie. But that doesn't stop one from admiring this fantasy treat. Visuals and locales are so wonderfully picturised that you feel awe for each and every frame. The protogonist is definitely the little girl who has played the role of Lucy. She is damn cute, her eyes are very expressive and she is intelligent (Does it remind you of Hermione? ). I heard that this movie is based on a book. I'm planning to read it. If you like adventure and fantasy, don't miss this movie.


Skely said...

I felt really wonderful and great after watching the movie. it gave a sense of pride and satisfaction...

But aren't we just enjoying the movie and stopping it with appreciation.

Wondering when we all would take a step, forget to improve the country atleast to improve someone else's life....

5 IIT'ians have started a Political party.. I wish them all the success for whatever they are planning to achieve..

I feel that, personal satisfaction, happiness etc.. or all temporary. (Time to do some soul searching now...)

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