May 12, 2006

And my vote goes to.....

No, this post is not about the elections that had come and gone.

As kids, many would have fond memories of chocolates or icecreams. My memories are mostly based on bikis or biscuits. I love them in different shapes and tastes. The taste has evolved as I grew up.

I still remember the Farex box where my grandma used to store bommai bikis (biscuits shaped like dolls, fish, duck etc). Every evening, I would open that box and only take shapes that has a head. I derived a lot of pleasure in eating heads :-) My dad would ensure that there are always enough bommai biscuits stocked. Then came the entry of Brittania Milk Bikis. 2 milk bikis + a glass of Boost - a perfect combination to begin a day. Although I never liked Marie Biscuits, I tried it once in a while. My brother and I had a unique style of eating Marie. We first ate the outer circle bite by bite and then went to the inner circle.

I would be doing injustice to the world of biscuits if I forget to mention the yummy cream biscuits. Split the sticky biscuits and lick the strawberry flavored cream - Heaven, isn't it? My aunt would always stock cream biscuits for me and when I visit her in the evenings after school, she would feed me with cream biscuits and Complan. My next favorite pack was Krackjack. The blend of salt and sweet taste was very nice and it goes well with coffee. The salt biscuits make a perfect mid day snack.

Then came the world of Good Day and Bourbon biscuits. They used to serve as my breakfast during my early office days. Chocochips was another favorite. While watching a movie, I eat these biscuits one by one and finish the whole packet in one go.

One great thing about biscuits is that you can never put on weight even if you eat a lot of them. It's not the same with chocolates and icecream.
Oops.....I'm going to get bashings for such a statement from my hubby ;-)

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