Jun 27, 2006

Unexpectedly good

There are many movies where you expect good songs but they turn out to be disappointed (Did I mention about God Father before?). There are few movies where you don't expect anything (you are not even aware such movies actually got released) but the songs turn out to be mind blowing. Few such songs from the new Tamil releases below. Let me know if you agree (or disagree) :-)

Unnai Kandene in Paarijaatham is such a beautiful song. There is a breeze of freshness in the female singer's voice. Such a romantic song it is ! The beats are amazing. I heard that the music director Tarun is a new face. Very good debut, Tarun. I have no words to appreciate the lyrics.

Ragasiyamanadhu Kaadhal in Kodambakkam is another master piece of melody. Thanks to Sun Music, I get to hear this song almost everyday. I don't have any idea about when this movie got released and who are those actors. I couldn't recognize the male singer but I know for sure that the female singer is Harini, one of my favourites. Again the lyrics are superb here.

Sudum Nilavu in Thambi brings together Unni Krishnan and Harini , one of the best pair of singers. I didn't expect good songs in an action movie like Thambi. But I was wrong. This is such a cute song, both the music and picturization are good. Isn't Pooja looking stunning these days? The white salwar she wears for this song suits her very well.

Poi Solla poren in Thiruttu Payale is a peppy number and is very unique with the lyrics sung by the hero and the one-liners spoken by the heroine. The locations are very nice and the dance movements are good as well. A feel good song this is !

To add to this list, there is this new movie where I expected the songs to be good and actually they are excellent :-) Can you guess which movie is that ! If you guess it is "Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyadu" , you are 100% right. Harris and Gowtham combination always works ! Out of the five songs, I love four of them.

The lyricist Thamarai deserves a big round of applause to cater to the taste of youth with making use of only Tamil words (Yes, you read it right. She never uses any English words in her lyrics).

Bombay Jayashree has sung a beautiful song yet again, this time with Unni Menon (remember him!). She prefers quality more than quantity.

Listen to this album and I'm sure you are gonna love it !

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