May 22, 2008

It's dusting time!

It's been more than a month since I rambled anything. It looks like "my nest" is infested with spider webs. It's about time to clear them up and fill my nest with so many events and changes that has happened. My PGSEM exams got over and I'm on weekend summer vacation. Yay! I can't believe one year has passed by so quickly. I plan to look back and write in detail about the first year as it might be informative to PGSEM aspirants and also to people who wonder what I do over weekends. At work, I shifted to a different group and it's been good so far in terms of understanding a different business domain.

Now, the biggest change! My hubby and I shifted out of the rented house and moved to our own apartment. This is the first time I shifted my house in Bangalore after six years. It's been very busy with preparations for the house warming ceremony, setting up the new home, getting rid of junk stuff and buying other essential things. I can seriously feel the "Monica" in me when it comes to cleaning, especially in the new home :-) With no TV connection, evenings are special and active. I get a lot of household chores done and I don't feel a tad tired. I have got back to my good old cooking habits. The feel of perusing over cook books is something special. "Change" can do wonders, I suppose! A new home, a new location, a new commute route, a new place to buy groceries (yes, it makes a difference!).

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