Nov 3, 2009

Healthy breakfast in multiplexes

Years ago, when there were fixed timings for movie shows in cinema theatres (11 AM, 3 PM, 6 PM and 10 PM), a bag of popcorn and a glass of pepsi were an ideal combination to munch and enjoy the movie. With the proliferation of multiplexes, there are shows at different timings starting from 10 AM. Some of the screenings are at odd hours - for instance 12:30 PM show. It is too early to have lunch prior to the movie and too late to have lunch after the movie, especially if the movie runs for 3 long hours. The same problem occurs with a Sunday morning show at 10 AM. Sundays being the only days where most of us get a chance to enjoy sleeping until the sun rays start to peep in through the window. Mornings are also the times when the ticket rates are relatively less expensive compared to other show timings. So what do we do? We end up waking at around 9ish, have a quick bath and rush to the multiplex without breakfast. Although popcorn and pepsi is the perfect combo, that's not healthy at all and can never replace a breakfast.

How about idlis chopped into manageable chunks that you can eat them using a fork while watching a movie? I'm not talking about regular idlis here but the different flavored ones like podi idli (sprinkled with spicy gunpowder) or whole moong idli that doesn't really need a sambar or chutney as accompaniments. Maybe, stuffed paranthas can also be split into pieces and sold as a pack. Before entering the cinema hall, one can grab a pack of these idlis or paranthas, enjoy the movie without the guilty feel of skipping breakfast and enjoy popcorn and pepsi during intermission.

Probably, Mr and Mrs.Idly can explore this idea further and test out this concept in prominent multiplexes like PVR or Inox.

Is this a plausible business idea? Or am I just thinking about a painpoint I faced as a customer of PVR Cinemas?

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