Jan 18, 2010

Getting back to reading

The long holiday break during Christmas and New Year provided the perfect time to read the voluminous Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol". Similar to his other two books that I have read earlier (Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons), this book was also just unputdownable (wonder if there is a such a word). The protogonist Robert Langdon traverses through symbols and codes to figure out the lost secret. If DaVinci Code was set in Europe, Lost Symbol is based entirely on Washington and United State's past history. Although the plot is gripping, one couldn't miss seeing the similarity in the flow when compared to his other books. Nevertheless, the plot is so interesting that one can just sit back and get intrigued by the turn of events.

Langdon had been asked by one of his close friends Peter Solomon to deliver a lecture. When Langdon arrives, he is shocked by the event that happens and what follows is a thrilling sequence of unraveling the lost secret, the gory murderer Mal'akh and his intentions, Peter's sister and scientist Katherine's discoveries on noetic sciences. Many references to religious texts and the way the events were tied to the lost secret sometimes makes you wonder if this story is really fiction.

It's a perfect irony that in the very next week after I had finished reading "Lost Symbol", I read a very inspiring book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. It conveys a simple message about how our thoughts influence our life. "Thoughts become things" is the core message of this book. This book elaborates on the law of attraction and a simple three step process of Ask-Believe-Receive. Many inspiring examples and quotes are interspersed throughout this little book. While reading this book, I could definitely reflect on a few instances of my life where law of attraction played an important role. Years ago, when I had just finished the written rounds for my campus placement and waiting for the results, I was thinking about how it would feel when I get selected and I have my first job in hand. I was putting forth my intention clearly into the universe and the results were indeed positive.

The Secret has also been made into a film and the flow is very similar to that of the book. I would recommend the book as I feel one needs to read and reflect upon the quotes to fully understand the principles behind the law of attraction.

New Year has begun on a good note with me getting back to my reading habit. Hope to read more books this year!

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