May 19, 2011

South Indies - for southern foodie

A huge craving for aapams on a Saturday evening took me and hubby to South Indies in Indiranagar. We used to like the aapams in Coconut Grove but the Koramangala branch has moved to a new location and we were in no mood to go searching for it.

South Indies has an interesting culmination of cuisines from the four Southern States of India. We perused through the menu and couldn't really decide what to order along with the aapams. The waiter came over and asked us if we preferred a light or heavy dinner. We were hungry and told him that we would prefer a medium dinner. He suggested us to go for a "set meal" which was a fixed four course menu. It was a good option since we got to try many dishes. First, our appetite was teased by a plate full of fryums (vathals in Tamil) with three different chutneys - coconut, mint and tomato. It's a herculean task to stop eating them and wait for the actual meal. The soup was green apple pepper soup which was just too spicy for our tastes. The starter plate had four different varieties, out of which the keerai vadais were the best.

Then came the aapams - soft in the center and crispy in the outer that just melted in our mouths. Out of the four different side-dishes, the cashew tamarind sauce based one matched perfectly with the bland taste of aapams. The Kerala veg stew was average, though and so was the vatha kuzhambu. After the two aapams (you can also go for parottas instead of aapams), we had a few spoons of the veg brinji rice and curd rice. No meal is ever complete without curd rice. Both of these were cooked to perfection.

It was 10:30 PM by the time we wrapped up the main course. Then came the desserts - kasi halwa and a jaggery based Kerala payasam (similar to the one offered as prasadam at Sabarimala temple). The floating ghee and the sweetish taste lingered in our taste buds long after we reached home.

Overall, it was a very sumptuous and heavy dinner. The service was very good and prompt. If you are a fan of South Indian cuisine, then give South Indies a try.

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