Nov 26, 2014

The "No-TV" life

It's been more than 6 months since we canceled our DTH subscription. For those of you who are thinking of going down a similar path, let me share with you how this decision has positively impacted me and my family.

Early this year, hubby dear stopped watching TV. I used to watch a few serials in Star World / Zee Cafe or amble around, watching back-to-back recipe shows in Food Food. I get this time ONLY when the little one is asleep or when she is playing.  She used to watch her rhymes DVDs back to back the whole evening. We hadn't exposed her to Cartoon Network or Pogo channels.

Then one Monday morning, when D had gone to her play school, we shifted the TV inside a closet. When she came back from school, she wondered where the TV disappeared. We were glad she didn't throw a fit. The TV was in the closet for nearly 5 months before we decided to bring it back to get some space. We own a 29" CRT TV which is huge and occupied the entire closet. The TV is back but the DTH cancellation stays put.

There were 6 positive outcomes because of this conscious change we made in our lives:

1) I started to sleep on time. We switch off from our devices by 9 PM and hit the bed by 10 PM. Earlier, I used to watch a thrilling episode of Castle from 11 - 12 which would make my mind active and disturb my sleep.

2) I have got back to reading regularly, mostly in the evenings and before bedtime. In the last 6 months, I have read nearly 6 books. For voracious readers, that might sound very less but to me, it feels like a big achievement!

3) We have also started to buy more books, given that we aren't spending money towards monthly DTH subscription.

4) Our dinner time has shifted from 9 PM to 8 PM. I started to cook dinner early these days since I don't sit in front of the TV, channel surfing in the evenings as I used to do earlier.

5) Both husband and I feel more focused and our minds are relatively calm.

6) We do puzzles together or read story books with D after dinner. So that way, we get to spend quality time with her. Earlier, it used to be "Masterchef Australia" time :-)

D still watches her DVDs on TV but the time has significantly reduced, as she is bored watching the same rhymes repeatedly. Hubby and I sometimes watch our FRIENDS DVD collection when we want to have a good laugh. Other than that, TV remains a spot where our furniture is pointing at :-) (What a line, Joey!!)


Vatsala Dorairajan said...

Interesting to know your experience, Anuradha. I have known a few others who are tv less for a couple of years now. Contemplating the same. Currently, the main information consumed on TV is morning breakfast news show on CNBC TV18 as the Mister is in Finance. For a start, I am considering unsubscribing to all channels except this one news channel.

Kanan said...

Hi Anuradha, recently came across one of your article on food ananlysis and then started reading your blog. Your articles are very informative. On TV side, we dont have TV subscriptipn since last 7 years, last we had it in 2011. I have a daughter who is 5 years, and she too dont know much about any kids channels, or any advertisemnts or anything which comes on TV. i just wanted to ask is it ok to not to have TV for her? because whenever she get a chance to see, she is watching it continuously(as it new for her) and then she is asking 100 question to me about whatever she has seen in TV. is it too much for not having TV ?

Anuradha Sridharan said...

@Kanan, I haven't subscribed to my DTH connection yet, except for times when parents visit. And I have noticed that my daughter is glued to cartoon channels during that time. My problem is not so much with the cartoons, rather with the ads. So I have told my daughter to switch channels when ads are shown. She watches Baby TV, which doesn't show any ads. If you can moderate your daughter's TV viewing time, then I guess it should be ok. Sometimes, if we block too much, they find it more attractive when they get to watch TV during travel or relative's home.

Kanan said...

Great to hear from you. Exactley the same point i have that advertisements are the issue. She do watche pocoyo and other stuff on youtube where you have not much ads and not like indian channels which are kind of buisness module for marketing the waste products. I was behind my husband to have connection but definitely not now as my daughter is also fine without tv.

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