Jun 24, 2015

Afternoon moments

It was a cloudy afternoon, with swishing winds and a brief drizzle. I was hoping my 3.5 year old daughter would take her afternoon nap but as always, she had other plans - asking "I want to eat something" for atleast 10 times (though she had a late lunch), telling me "don't be so tired, amma" when I tried to act sleepy and finally declaring "I don't want to sleep" in a strict tone. Around the same time when the negotiations were happening between us, our two visiting cats (they adopted us) were peacefully napping in opposite corners of the house.   It felt so peaceful, to just take a few seconds to observe and admire them. Unperturbed by the noises of a toddler, without any worries or concerns, they were at peace - stretching and cuddling with their paws and taking a perfect siesta.

I'm grateful to have experienced more such peaceful afternoons with them in the last 4 years - bright sunshine gently peeking into my living room, quiet moments with no traffic noise whatsoever (though the main road is just 100 mtrs away), gentle breeze, cloudy and rainy days that give me enough reason to grab an extra cup of chai, cool and pleasant weather that inspires me to switch on the oven and bake a quick tea-time cake and many more. Taking a break for a couple of years and later choosing to work from home has helped me grab these precious afternoon moments. Moments that have made me realize and appreciate the importance of slowing down.

Life is lived in these tiny present moments, not in the distant past or foreseeable future. Just pause and absorb these moments, for it would sure give you inspirations in various areas of your life.

Which parts of the day inspire you the most - quiet mornings, peaceful afternoons or reflective evenings?

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