Aug 7, 2015

Sometimes, convenience and discounts don't matter

Ever since the new vegetable shop opened up near my home (around 500 mtrs), I go there once a week and procure fresh vegetables. In the days of discounts and online grocery shopping, I spend atleast 30 minutes every week for this visit and maybe, pay a little more too. Traffic outside my apartment is terrible. With no footpaths or pavements, it is a challenge to walk and get to the other side of the road.

I asked myself - "If it has so many hassles, then why do I prefer to spend time on this activity?"

1) It gives me a reason to step outside my home
2) I walk to the shop and carry home a bag of atleast 3-4 kgs of veggies, providing me an opportunity for a little more physical activity in a day
3) The sight and feel of fresh veggies and greens give me a high
4) I can select the good quality ones from the bad, which I cannot do if I shop from online grocery stores. Invariably, there will be 2-3 rotten or unripe ones in a 1 kg bag of tomatoes
5) It gives me an opportunity to converse with the shopkeeper, someone who is outside my friends and family circle.
6) I carry a single large jute bag where he dumps all veggies together. Compare that to online grocery stores where each vegetable is wrapped in a separate plastic bag or box
7) He plays Tamil film/devotional music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, triggering a sense of nostalgia! :-)

If I analyze these reasons, it boils down to two underlying themes:
- experience of shopping and
- personal values

These can trump over the umpteen discounts and offers. I'm sure people who love to shop for clothes, shoes or jewelry would echo similar feelings.

How often do you prioritize the "experience" of purchasing a product/service over discounts and convenience? I'm curious to know!


Unknown said...

Good one Anu. I think my decision is based on subjective knowledge versus objective knowledge. Things that are branded/product description clearly stated upfront etc, I do not go physically shopping. I prefer shopping online (eg: electronics, branded consumables including groceries etc.). Though I do not do much vegetable/fruit shopping, in the event I did, it would be based on how much I know about the items I am buying, so it would be more in person shopping like one point you mentioned on freshness.

Particularly I prefer buying clothes that I can touch and feel and try. So for clothes I would seldom shop online. But this is personal preference.

Kavita R said...

Very true and completely second that

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