Sep 4, 2015

Design thinking talk at Institute of Product Leadership

A few weeks back, I was interacting with organizers of executive MBA programme at Institute of Product Leadership. They asked me if I could deliver a talk on design thinking and share some of my experiences from past projects. While I was thinking about the relevant topic, I also came to know from them that the students are already doing a course on design thinking, know the concepts and that it would be more useful if I can link the concepts they have learned to real-life experiences.

I observe that many startups do not seem to invest enough time in understanding the problem space, exploring the user/customer's context and diving into their motivations. This directly relates to the first 2 stages of design thinking process - Empathize with your users and Define the problem statement. So I structured my talk around these 2 stages and shared relevant examples from the two startups I have worked with so far. Here are the slides:

It was a good experience putting together the deck based on my work projects and delivering the talk.
Please feel free to share your thoughts/comments/opinions on how startups can maximize their research in these 2 stages and the strategies that have worked for you.

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