Nov 25, 2015

An ode to sunshine

Bright sunshine after more than 2 weeks and I feel so happy and cheerful. The rains, the wind and the dark skies were so depressing to me. I was feeling sad, dull and irritated. The effects on the mind had an impact on the body too, with severe stomach cramps and loss of appetite. And not to forget the excruciating migraine and the nausea. I felt so sick that I didn't have the enthusiasm and the motivation to do anything. Dull and dragging days. The slight sight of the sunshine and I would feel exhilarated, only to find minutes later the dark skies and the rains again. The wet clothes that are hanging forever to get dried; wearing sweaters, socks and thermal wears all the time - Nope, not my kind of weather at all.

I completely understand that my plight is nothing compared to those who suffered so much in Tamilnadu with floods entering their homes, lack of food and proper sanitation. The videos shared on FB are so scary that I prayed for the water logging to be cleared soon and people return to their homes safely and resume their normal lives.

Finally to see the sunshine today, I feel like I have regained my mojo and back to my form now. I opened all the curtains and let my rooms experience the bright light. I cleared up a pile of clothes, put 2 rounds of laundry, picked up all the books and papers lying around and made my home a lot more presentable. I played my favorite songs in my iPod after a while….And the irony is that the album I chose to listen is "kadal" :-) One of my all-time favorite albums of ARR. I bet one of the best pick-me-up songs is "elay keechan". Don't you agree?

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