Nov 14, 2016

The treat to eyes

Playing hide and seek,
or feeling shy to be the
center of attraction today?

As I soak in your beauty
the chill breeze gently ruffling my hair,
my little girl exclaims
"moon is normous!"

who cares about correcting
her cute little vocabulary,
when I see the glee
in her bright black eyes

I capture your magnanimity
with the lens of my eyes,
my smartphone resting
peacefully at home

For I know I won't be alive
when you come this close
the next time around

those imperfectly perfect
craters that adorn you
like a beautiful bride,
those thick dark 
clouds that wrap you
like a soft pashmina

Oh! you super moon,
shining in all your glory
you are a treat to our
tired, puffy eyes!

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