Jan 16, 2017

Book Review: Appa Ennum Villain by Bharathi Baskar

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When I read about the news that Amazon Kindle has started to list books in regional languages, I was ecstatic and happy. Being a Kindle Unlimited member, I quickly browsed through the list of books and this one titled Appa Ennum Villain by Bharathi Baskar caught my attention. Having read her previous books, I know I would like her way of writing. 

On a beautiful Monday afternoon, I finished reading this book in a couple of hours. It is a collection of 8 short stories with themes ranging from working women's issues, friendship, parenting to love for literature. In her signature style, she has crafted engaging stories with a clear message. 

My favorite of them all is the last one titled "mei thirupadham mevu". I adore Ms.Baskar's books and speeches, one of the many reasons is that she quotes a lot of examples from Tamil literature. Through this story, she emphasizes how the children of today who are brought up with the ONLY notion of winning/competing turn out in their lives. And how parenting with a good dose of literature and spirituality can help the kids to be stronger and peaceful in their lives. Amazing insight !

Loved reading this short book. Do pick it up if you get a chance. 

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