Dec 31, 2017

2017 in review

Yet another year is coming to an end. Around the same time last year, I was winding up my last-day formalities with Flipkart. I didn’t have a plan for 2017. I decided to just let time take its course and go with my intuition. I wasn’t sure about getting back to work. Though I knew I wanted independent part-time sort of opportunities, I didn’t put enough effort to seek them. I was clear about one criteria though - I wanted those 3-4 hours that I have for myself to do meaningful work. 

That goal translated into more activity in my blog. The number of blogposts I wrote this year is the highest in my blogging journey of the last 13 years. Except for a few random posts and book reviews, the majority of them were around food and nutrition. I especially enjoyed the process of writing about different packaged foods, their ingredients and nutritional information. Supermarket visits became more interesting - looking for new products, clicking pictures in various angles and then rushing home to write about the same. Words flowed very easily when written with passion and a genuine need to share. 

Change begins at home - my husband who used to eat a lot more packaged foods has cut down tremendously after reading my blogposts. My daughter D is much more cooperative when I tell her not to eat a specific junk food. A few of my close friends have stopped buying packaged foods. My in-laws have switched to hand-pounded rice and millets and their sugar levels are normal. I may not have earned as much money this year like the previous years, but I’m so grateful for these tiny ripples I’ve been able to create in an area I’m passionate about. Gives me so much satisfaction and happiness. And the journey has just begun.

Apart from writing, managed to read quite a number of books this year.

2. Appa ennum villain by Bharathi Baskar
3. Power of habit by Charles Duhigg
4. Mary Kom autobiography
5. Deep work by Cal Newport
6. Uyir Pizhai by Dr. Sivaraman
7. Udal nalam kaakum iyarkai maruthuvam by R.Vasudevan
8. Idapaagam by Senthamizhan (short book)
9. Looking for the rainbow by Ruskin Bond
10. When Dimple met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
11. Indian Super Foods by Rujuta Diwekar
12. CV Raman - the scientist extraordinary by Dilip M Salvi (short book)
14. What Kitty did by Trisha Bora
15. Oor: Meendu selludhal by Senthamizhan
16. A Book of Simple living by Ruskin Bond
17. Turtles all the way down by John Green
18. Murder in Paharganj by Kurdeep
19. Pregnancy Notes by Rujuta Diwekar
20. A house for Mr.Misra by Jaishree Misra  

And there are around 10-12 books that are in different stages of completion. 

One of the most memorable trips happened this year - a 2 week trip to my brother’s home in Dubai. It was great to spend time with my brother, my SIL and my handsome 2.5 year old nephew. D had so much fun during this trip that she kept saying she wanted to go to Dubai for like 6 months after we returned ;-)

We also did two short trips to Mysore and Thanjavur this year. One of my wishes to see the majestic Brihadeeswara temple came true. 

Morning Yoga sessions continued this year too. Except for a few short breaks, I have been consistent at it throughout the year. Healthy eating and cooking continued with conscious effort this year too. Bid goodbye to refined oils and switched to cold-pressed oils. Threw away nonstick dosa tava and shifted to iron tava. Offered salads, soups, thokkus (pickles) and more varieties of podis (spice powders) in my EthnicPalate menu for my apartment orders.

I took a 2 month long social media break in Jan and Feb. It helped me realize that I’m not a social media addict and I can cut them out of my day (and life) whenever I want to. There were many such short digital detox breaks throughout the year. Most importantly, I used social media as an intentional tool to spread my thoughts on nutrition and healthy eating. All thanks to Cal Newport’s Deep Work. Highly recommend this book, my most favourite of this year. 

Last but not the least, I have been able to spend a lot more time with my daughter this year. We bonded over books, music, cooking and our mutual admiration for Shahrukh Khan ;-)

Just like the previous years, I have planned a few focus areas for 2018. And ofcourse, wherever my intuition decides to take me. 

Wish you all a very happy, healthy and meaningful 2018!

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