Feb 28, 2018

Timeless music

 For those of you wondering whether this blogger lady does anything else other than trashing processing foods, this post is for you! :-)

Yes, I have a life outside food and in the next few posts, I plan to share a few snapshots from my life. One such snapshot is my insatiable love for Tamil film music.

A couple of days back, I was watching this interesting Tamil movie named “Maayavan”. The movie opens up with a scene from 2037 with Illayaraaja’s classic “Keladi Kanmani” from “Pudhu pudhu arthangal”. Such a soulful melody it is, that I’m sure many music lovers of today would listen to it even in 2037.

I’m both a Rahmaniac and a Raja fanatic. Both of them are equally brilliant and have been giving us soulful music that will stay with us forever. 

I remember this conversation that I had with a colleague at work vividly. It was sometime in Nov 2006 and the music of “Guru” had just released. I was so excited to buy the CD and had written this blogpost on the album. Having read this post, my colleague who used to be my cubicle partner turned around and asked, “Why do you love Rahman’s music so much?”. 
I quickly replied, “because his music makes me so happy”. 
He then asked, “So you are not an Illayaraaja fan?” (This colleague is from North India but very much aware of the musicians from the South)
I said, “I love both their music”
He didn’t give up. He followed it up with another question, “When you are sad, whose music do you listen to?”
Pat came my reply, “Illayaraaja of course”

This conversation unraveled my music preference - “Rahman’s tunes when I’m happy or just fine. Illayaraaja’s melodies when I’m sad or nostalgic”. And I know why this dichotomy exists in my life - Illayaraaja was pre-mother’s demise and Rahman was post-mother’s demise.

Having born in the 80s, obviously I love those albums of Illayaraaja that were released when I was growing up - Punnagai Mannan and Mouna Raagam being my top favourites. There are SO MANY melodies from the 80s that I revisit now and then, especially the combo of Mike Mohan - Illayaraaja and Kamal - Illayaraaja.

Rahman’s music literally brought me out of tears on the most tragic day of my life and gave hope. I even wrote a poem about it sometime back. His melodies bring cheer, joy and happiness.

Except for Rahman’s new albums, I’m not following Tamil film music keenly as I used to. I’m content with repeating the albums of 80s, 90s and 2000s. I have arrived at my musical destination, as I concluded a couple of years back.

But the occasional hearing of Anirudh or GV Prakash’s songs bring a smile too. I had so much fun zumba dancing for “aaluma doluma” after the Pinkathon run last Sunday. Maybe, I was ecstatic that I ran a 10K for the first time :-) More on that in the next blogpost!

How does music impact your life? Which musicians’ works touch your soul? Share in the comments below.

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