Jan 13, 2020

Intentions/Focus Areas for 2020

At the beginning of every year, I identify a few focus areas to work on and note them down. They are not really resolutions per se, but more to do with broad guidelines. This year, I wanted to try a new technique to align my focus areas around a verb. What's that ONE verb that I really want to focus on this year?

MINIMIZE - yes, that's my verb for 2020. This verb is applicable to different areas of my life, not just with respect to physical belongings.

I have been focusing on leading a minimalist lifestyle for the past 3 years. Though I don't buy a lot, I have been holding onto many things due to various reasons - sentimental value, future potential usage, loss aversion etc. This year, my plan is to consciously reduce, declutter and organize my home. I may refer to Marie Kondo's book but I don't plan to follow every step along the way.

So yes, MINIMIZE my belongings. That includes my books too.

As I'm writing this, the images from the Australian fires are heart-wrenching. The news that around 500 million animals are dead is just unbearable. Climate change is real and no one can deny this fact. 

Climate change is a global problem, that requires interventions by policymakers, corporate behemoths and regulators. 

As an individual, I will continue to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible. I have been doing many of these but I'm going to be more conscious about them this year.

MINIMIZE the number of times I take Uber/Ola. Opt for BMTC bus when commuting inside the city.
MINIMIZE the dry waste items I dispose on a weekly basis. Opt for packaging-free shopping (groceries, fresh produce etc)
MINIMIZE the number of times I order take-outs/home deliveries.
MINIMIZE the number of times I order from e-commerce sites.
MINIMIZE my electricity bill and water consumption.

"Lifestyle" - this single term impacts many aspects of our well-being - our health, our relationships, our goals, our habits and also what we do to our planet. I have much to write about on this topic. Will do so in subsequent posts.

In relation to MINIMIZE, these are the areas I want to focus on:

MINIMIZE the number of clothes I buy this year. I reduced this quite a bit, but I still need to be more conscious.
MINIMIZE the groceries and vegetables I stock up. I do tend to go overboard sometimes.
MINIMIZE the number of restaurant visits. We have brought this down significantly but can still do better.
MINIMIZE my family's monthly expenses.
MINIMIZE the number of books I purchase. Opt for second-hand or Kindle versions. Re-read the good books that I have already read.
MINIMIZE the time I spend on social media and the Internet. Tough one but extremely important. 

So these are my intentions for 2020. I will be sharing how I'm progressing in my efforts through my blog and Instagram posts. 

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