Apr 26, 2020

Parle Monaco Cheeslings Review

This pack landed at my doorstep, thanks to K who placed the order on the BigBasket app and added a few junk items that I usually wouldn't approve of. 

He got a earful and promised he would stick to my one-junk-per-order rule 😉 

Anyway, let me take this as an opportunity to review a popular junk food that seems to be a favorite among kids and adults. Cheeslings is so addictive that many just munch on it while watching a movie. It feels so light and crunchy (similar to popcorn). If one is not mindful, it is easy to gobble up a large serving size.

Let's look at the ingredients:
Refined wheat flour (maida)
Refined oils (palmolein and palm)
Iodised salt
Cheese (1.8%)
Raising Agents [503(ii), 500(ii), 341(i)]
Invert Sugar Syrup
Spices & Condiments (mustard powder)
Acidity Regulators (270, 296)
Emulsifier of vegetable origin (diacetyl tartaric
and fatty acid esters of glycerol)
Flour treatment agents [1101(ii), 1100(i)]

Added flavours (Artificial flavoring substances -
capsicum, black pepper and cheese)

The mumoorthi ingredients of any junk food are at the top three here as well - maida, palm oil and sugar. All cheap ingredients, along with harmful chemicals in the form of raising agents, flour treatment agents, emulsifiers and artificial flavours. But the pack isn't cheap. 150gm pack size costs Rs.60. 

Though iodised salt is the fourth ingredient, sodium values are not mentioned. Also, it contains around 21gm of unhealthy refined fats. Most importantly, it is super high on calories - 492 kcal per 100gm.

If fried snacks are our preferred choice, then it is better to eat homemade namakpara (diamond cuts). The number of ingredients is fewer. We would use fresh, relatively healthier oil. 

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