May 23, 2020

Oleev Active Blended Edible Vegetable Oil Review

I came across this brand through Instagram sponsored ads this morning. The ad message makes it sound like this is olive oil for everyday cooking. On digging deeper, I realized this is blended oil - meaning it is a combination of two or more oils. I started looking at the product images shared on popular e-commerce sites but the photos were so blurry that I couldn't figure out the exact composition. In BigBasket, the proportion is listed as below:
Refined rice-bran oil - 80%
Refined olive pomace oil - 20%

Brand Name is Oleev. The word "olive oil" is clearly mentioned in the front of the pack. It is called out explicitly in digital advertising copy. BUT the percentage of olive oil is ONLY 20%

1 liter of rice-bran oil is around ₹125 whereas 1 liter of this blended oil is ₹185.

The brand makes a nice profit because we blindly fall for the name "olive oil" without looking into the finer print.

Now that online grocery shopping is on the rise, it is even more challenging to read the nutrition labels.

If the word "blended oil" is mentioned on the pack, do note the oils used and their proportion.

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