Jun 10, 2020

5 points to keep in mind when starting your PCOS reversal journey

 If you have been diagnosed with PCOS and are starting on the journey to make lifestyle changes, I would suggest that you remind yourself of these 5 key points daily:

1. Give yourself enough time
PCOS is a lifestyle disorder. It is not an ailment like cold/cough/fever where you take medication for a fixed time and it gets cured. It takes time for the lifestyle changes to reverse the damage done and set you on the right path. The weight gain didn't happen in a single day. Please don't expect overnight weight loss. I know it is easier said than done, given the pressure we face from our family members and the stress we put on ourselves. Be patient. Tell yourself, "I'm gonna give myself 6 months to get my health back on track".

2. Be consistent with the lifestyle changes
PCOS is mostly given attention when you are trying to get pregnant. I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2004 and the gynecologist whom I consulted with said to me, "We don't need to intervene now. Come back to me when you are ready to get pregnant. We will handle this situation then". I'm sure the treatment protocols have changed now and many gynecologists advise you to make the necessary lifestyle changes. 
These lifestyle changes need to be followed throughout your lifetime. If you go back to old wrong habits, the symptoms would start to reoccur. Even after you have conceived and delivered, follow the lifestyle changes diligently.

3. Give equal importance to all areas
There are four areas under which the lifestyle changes to address PCOS fall into. They are food/nutrition, activity/exercise, sleep and mental wellbeing/stress management. But our attention is completely hijacked towards food and diet. Even if you eat a low carb diet and all the superfoods of the world, if you don't focus on the other three areas, you wouldn't see the desired results. Aim to achieve 80% in all four areas, not 100% in food.

4. Focus on daily habits, not end outcomes
Instead of checking your weight daily, I'd recommend that you focus on your daily habits. Set a daily habit tracker and track them - Did I get a good sleep tonight? Did I eat balanced, wholesome meals? How do I feel today? Did I move around adequately? Did I get my yoga practice done?

5. Take responsibility
It is easier to complain and feel self-pity towards yourself. But the right thing to do is to take responsibility for your health. Start making small changes day by day. Don't feel overwhelmed. Make a list of lifestyle changes to make. Convert them into measurable daily habits. Pick 2 each week and make sure you focus on them that week. For the next week, add a couple more and focus on the 4 habits for that week. 
Which of these 5 points resonate with you? Which one do you find it more challenging? Share in the comments below.

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