Jul 29, 2020

Are you connected with yourself?

I'm currently reading Luke Coutinho's ebook - "The Magic Immunity Pill - Lifestyle". It has been such a great read so far. I totally resonate with his holistic approach towards health. Highly recommend this book, it is a free download available on his website.

I stumbled upon this sentence in this book which struck a chord
 "We have become disconnected with ourselves in a connected world"
It made me pause, reflect and jot down my thoughts. I have been on this journey to reconnect with my own self for the past few years. Through self-learning about food and regular Yoga practice, I have now been able to connect with my body easily. I had written about the importance of listening to one's body earlier.

I have also been incorporating certain practices to connect with my mind and my soul. Removing distractions and unnecessary information overload has been the first step. Spending quality time with myself in solitude and through chores have also eased me into enabling this connection with my mind. Journaling is another useful tool to reflect and understand various situations that we encounter in our daily lives.

I still have a long way to go to declare that I'm truly connected with myself all the time but the journey is progressing towards this direction.

Here is a compilation of various practices and signals that help us connect with ourselves. 

Connection with our body:
  1. Feeling of thirst
  2. Feeling of hunger and satiety
  3. How our body reacts to certain foods
  4. Feeling the need to stretch ourselves
  5. Understanding the difference between lethargy and genuine rest
  6. Feeling sleepy around a particular time in the night
Connection with our mind:
  1. Being aware in the present moment
  2. Focus on our breath
  3. Being aware of our senses - sounds, smell, sight, taste, touch
  4. Being conscious of our feelings and emotions
  5. How we react/respond to various situations
Connection with our soul:
  1. Spending time in solitude
  2. Knowing what makes us truly happy
These connections are ONLY possible when there are fewer distractions, fewer goals, fewer materialistic desires, less ego and higher awareness.

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