Nov 8, 2021

Book Review: Karma by Sadhguru

 2021 has been one of the most challenging years of my life, on multiple fronts. Every challenge has invoked multiple questions about life and its workings. The Universe has been supporting me immensely in facing these challenges, by providing the right answers through multiple sources. One such source is this thought provoking book "Karma - A Yogi's guide to crafting your destiny" by Sadhguru.

Part I of the book talks deeply about the nuances of Karma. The very first chapter breaks the commonly held myth - that Karma is a mechanism of reward and punishment. Rather, it is a system of creating the blueprint for our lives. Whatever we do with our body, mind or energy leaves a certain imprint.

The book then explains how Karma is dependent on our volition and our memory (imprints/impressions accumulated over time). It was so fascinating to read about the different types of memory we carry, the nature of collective and individual karma. The short anecdotes interspersed throughout the book help us understand the concept better.

Part II of the book talks about how Karma Yoga at the three levels - physical body, mental body and energy body can help us create conscious lives.

I was able to resonate strongly with the chapters on physical and mental body, but I found the chapter on energy body hard to grasp.

It was quite an intense book, but when read at the right moment of our lives, will make a lot of sense and provide enough clarity.

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